Video capture!

  number21online 08:50 31 Aug 2003

I am (using)? Ulead Videostudio 6, how do I know which settings to use to capture analog camcorder video, edit and then make a pal DVD or VCD. The video quality of my discs is very poor and I find the choice of settings in the Ulead software very confusing. I have used Pinnacle and the quality was excellent, however it would not burn DVD-R but thats a different story. Somebody please help.

  Jota 08:58 31 Aug 2003

Sorry I cannot help, but I am having the same problem. I think the quality is down to only recording at a low resolution 400x200. What you see on your computer screen could be as high as 1600x1200. I also have a problem with file size. I can only get 2mins of video on a 700mb disk.

  MichelleC 10:18 31 Aug 2003

I'm not familiar with Ulead, but why not use that to burn and use Pinnacle to capture and edit. The finished avi can be imported into Ulead to burn (if Pinnacle can't do it).

  number21online 10:29 31 Aug 2003

Jota, maybe I am barking up the wrong tree but try Videostudio 6, click on settings and commands (spanner/hammer symbol at bottom/left of preview screen),click on preferences then preview and uncheck the box..'limit hard disk usage to'
MichelleC, thankyou I'll try that.

  number21online 12:21 31 Aug 2003

Jota, regarding poor video quality I have resolved the problem after a pretty heavy mornings research on the internet. There is a setting that I kept missing. Open capture mode, click on options, then click on MPEG settings, then click performance, you will find a choice between 1 (low quality) and 15 (highest quality). I set it for 15 and the resultant test DVD was what I would have expected, I am delighted. With regard to my original question these are the settings I used this morning to capture analog video, edit and burn to DVD using Ulead Videostudio 6, I hope this helps others with a similar difficulty. CAPTURE SOURCE..conexant capture,PAL B; CAPTURE FORMAT(video)..YUV2, 320 x 240 25fps, (audio)..PCM 16 bit 44.1 khz, MPEG setting 15 (slow); MAKE quality video, MPEG audio, write speed x 1.

  MichelleC 12:30 31 Aug 2003

I'm glad you solved it. Sometimes there's so many factors to remember with dv.

BTW I cannot for the life of me imagine why a dv editing prog would not auto default to highest quality input (and have a choice) when it's the quality of output which is vital.

  prilect 17:55 31 Aug 2003

Hi, I use Ulead 6, with no problem, YUV2 select mpeg 1 for SVCD/VCD or mpeg2 for DVD.

  number21online 12:57 01 Sep 2003

Prilect, thanks for replying, the main problem was capture settings. MPEG setting always defaulted at 1 (low quality) and I did not notice this until I had pulled all my hair out. I now set it at 15 with no dropped frames and excellent DVD quality. MichelleC I tried your suggestion ...capture and edit with Pinnacle and burn with Ulead, it worked perfectly. I now have a choice of capture/edit software but the Pinnacle still won't burn DVD-R (DVD-RW,VCD, SCVD,CR-R,CD-RW all ok but not DVD-R Having on-going discussions with Pinnacle about this.)

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