Video Capture query

  Colonelkaye 11:56 25 Sep 2004

I am currently attempting to capture my VHS videos via a breakout box on Adobe Premire 6.5.
Although I cannot get this breakout box to capture correctly I have successfully run the VHS through my DV input on the cam and then via firewire to adobe.
However, the screen image on playback is of a greenish tint like when you attempt to copy copyrighted material.
Why is this happening when the material is private or have I got to many connections?
Is there a way of preventing this that I am missing?
Please help.
A wedding video of 10 years is at stake!!

  SEASHANTY 12:04 25 Sep 2004

Possibly because you are inputting analogue VHS tape
through a DV input. Why go to all this trouble. The easiest way to copy a VHS tape to DVD is by using a
standalone home DVD Recorder. All you need then for the transfer is a scart plug.
click here

  stylehurst 13:39 25 Sep 2004

If you do not want to go down the route of a standalone machine then you will need a capture device to convert the analogue VHS.
I use the Adaptec 2210 external device and have found it does a very good job.

  Bagsey 13:43 25 Sep 2004

<A wedding video of 10 years is at stake!!>I think that you have given a pointer to a possible cause of the green tinge on the video. Is the green showing up when you play the tape on a vcr. If it is then your problem could be age related tape degradation. To correct this you will need to run it colour corrector. But I would suggest that you post this problem on click here for access to a lot of expert advice and help.

  pj123 13:54 25 Sep 2004

I use the Dazzle Fusion USB capture unit. click here
and Sonic MyDVD. A good combination. An added bonus is the unit also has slots for most camera cards as well.

  Colonelkaye 14:23 25 Sep 2004

Thanks for the pointers but the tape runs perfect on a VCR. At first I thought it could be that the VCR is picking up the signal to a recordable device and interuppting the feed. This is of course what happens when you VCR to VCR with copy protected tapes.
With my DV cam having a analogue converter this seemed the easiest option!

  JonnyTub 14:25 25 Sep 2004

macrovision could be playing a part here.

  gazza38 21:07 25 Sep 2004

First you connect your vcr to the anologue inputs on your camcorder,(not the dv as you have stated) then with the camcorder in vcr(play) position,hit the record button.Note,the record botton on your camcorders vcr buttons,not the one you use to record when in camera mode.The analogue to digital converter built into your camcorder will record onto the DV tape in digital.Hey Presto.....Load into your PC via your firewire input.
P.S. I take it that your camcorder can accept an analogue input?

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