Video-capture and conversion

  Joe McG 21:07 10 Aug 2003

Just to ask a bit of advice from those of you who have done some video-editing.

I'm looking for a good piece of software which will do video capture, and also a seperate program, which I can use, to convert between different formats.

I am currently using intervideo winproducer, but find it quite restrictive.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Thanx, Joe

  Joe McG 21:24 10 Aug 2003


  y_not 21:31 10 Aug 2003

I am using Pinnacle Studio 8 which allows me to encode for VCD, SVCD, VHS, DVD, AVI or streaming video.

Can't think of any other format I'd want to use.

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  stlucia 08:43 11 Aug 2003

Likewise, I use Pinnacle Studio DV (older than 8, I think) and could wish for nothing more. Other contributors will probably say the same for Ulead, Adobe, and some other popular software.

However, if you do need files converting, TPMGEnc is the most recommended software.

  Joe McG 11:52 11 Aug 2003

Thanx all for the input

  ROEPES 17:11 11 Aug 2003

Am new to this site, so apologies if this not posted to right area!

Bought a Samsung SC-L860 HI 8 camcorder in States. Problem that now back in UK while can view the output on TV, best I can get when trying to record on to "NTSC playing" VHS recorder is B/W picture with sound.

I am currently using usual L/R AV connectors that come with camcorder. Any suggestions?? Can this be rectified by different set-up/leads etc. ??
Thanks Neil

Thanks Neil

  sjr1 18:23 11 Aug 2003

Yes iam sure you need a scart connection for NTSC play back....Same when playind dvd's..or imported ps2 games

You can get little connector for you plug your av cables to a scart block..3 conx .. video ..l/r

I got 1 with my Sony cam..

Try jessops or similair

  sjr1 18:26 11 Aug 2003

To 1st question...

I use Adobe premier or Ulead pro 7....and for burning and encoding DVD i use DvdArchitect (SonicFoundry)...Encodes 10x faster then ulead

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