Video Cam-corder and Pinnacle Studio 8 Question

  PA28 17:00 22 Nov 2004

Provided that you have an IEE1394 Firewire card installed (and if not, one that plugs straight in to a spare PCI slot will only set you back about £15) then any MiniDV (ie Digital) Camcorder will do the job. If you buy an analogue camcoder you will need a further bit of kit to convert the analogue signal to digital before you can get it near Pinnacle - and even then the results will be inferior, so forget analogue please! I've just bought a Canon 700i camcorder which works fine through a firewire connection. In addition capture into Pinnacle is simplicity itself. The Canon 700i has another advantage in that not only does it have DVin as well as DVout (not all do), it also has an Analogue in connector. So it will act as an analogue to digital converter to enable you to capture all those old VHS and VHS-C tapes to digital as well. Don't forget the important i suffix - the basic Canon models without the i don't have the same connectivity.

Oh - and buy yourself a nice new BIG fast slave drive if you're think of taking this up seriously. You won't believe the size of the files you're about to create!

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