video accelerators

  mkennyd 19:57 20 Nov 2008

Hi All.
Is it just me or has anybody on Dial-up tried these video accelerator programmes available on the web. Well iv'e tried three up to now. Called Speedbit, another called Morpheus, plus one called Easy Vid Accel. They all download quite easily, Finish the Wizard process then i'm told i can go on such sites as You Tube and My Space and enjoy buffer free viewing. Well iv'e tried out all these services and unless i'm doing something wrong, i still get frozen, buffered vids like as always. Do these accelerator enhancements really work on a Dial-Up systems, and if so could anybody who has had success please tell me about it and perhaps where i'm going wrong with the requirements to enable it.

  mkennyd 22:33 20 Nov 2008

Can't believe i have not had any help or response over the query i posed.
Is everybody running on full broadband these days and am i the ony one left on dial up.
Or is my query just not interesting enough for you.

  mkennyd 23:47 20 Nov 2008


  audeal 00:42 21 Nov 2008

From my past (ancient) experience and my now poor memory, I seem to remember that when I was on dialup these accelerator programs where a waste of time as they did no good in speeding up downloads.

You must bare in mind that your downloads can only operate at the maximum speed of you telephone line. Nothing, and I mean nothing can increase the download speed of a fixed speed line. So these programs are useless. If you want more speed then you need a faster line.

I would say that about 95% of people are now on Broad Band.

  mkennyd 13:59 21 Nov 2008

Thanks for that Audeal.
I think its time i switched.

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