Vid Card Resolutions.

  Sobeit 17:44 28 Jun 2007

And another thing.
Where can i find a listing of the resolutions that my Nvidia Ge force 6600 AGP can display?
This old CRT monitor is making my eyes ache and i was thinking of getting a widescreen 19" tft and they all seem to be 1440x900.
I need to know if this card can support it and does anyone have any preference?
Have you changed to widescreen and regretted it or not or????

  Stuartli 17:49 28 Jun 2007

Right click on the Desktop, Properties>Settings tab>Advance button>Adapter tab>click on List All Modes.

This will reveal all the colour/resolution/refresh rates supported by your card.

  Stuartli 17:51 28 Jun 2007

You can click on any of the lines to permanently set the chosen choice (ensure this is done without a reboot being necessary).

Of course the monitor must be able to handle any chosen settings as well...:-)

  Sobeit 18:00 28 Jun 2007

Hi stuart
Thanks for the reply.
I thought that the list you sent me to was a list of all settings that can be used with this specific monitor?
If i changed my monitor would a different list not appear?
Or is that list specific to this card and if 1440x900 isn't there now then the card isn't compatible with the 19" widescreen i was considering?
Crikey, i hope you got all that!!

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