vicy city causing device failure

  kortical Implant 14:00 22 Aug 2003

when i goto play gta vice city on my pc (p4 1.5gb 40gb hdd, 3d profit 4500 tv out graphics card, 384mb ram)

the start up sequence runs fine but when you get to the intro to the game(a little video clip) then it freezes and my computer graphics go like an old spectrum, i get the error message, windows has detected and recovered from a device failure, please save your work and reboot to restore functionallity.

i have tried a patch for the game to no avail, i have tried an unistall and resinstall of the game and my graphics card drivers

please can anyone help me

i have waited for this game for so long


ps all my other games work fine

  kortical Implant 14:05 22 Aug 2003

sorry i run win xp pro

  Terrahawk 14:16 22 Aug 2003

just some suggestions do you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card do you have directx9 installed

  kortical Implant 14:20 22 Aug 2003

i have the latest drivers for my graphics card but not sure about the directx9 where can i instal this

  Terrahawk 14:25 22 Aug 2003

click start then run in the box type dxdiag then ok look in the system information at the bottom it will tell you what version of directx you are running if you need it you can get directx9 from here click here

  kortical Implant 14:34 22 Aug 2003

i have downloaded directx9 and the problem is still there, what else could it be?

  Terrahawk 14:44 22 Aug 2003

im tapped out the only thing i can suggest is contact support for gta click here

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