vibrations and very loud noise from laptop

  Ollebolle96 17:59 13 Oct 2018

Hey guys!

So basically yesterday my laptop out of nowhere started making constant loud noises (almost identical to this: click here but A LOT louder. Skip to 0:30 on the video and turn up the volume a lot. This only started happening when playing games or straining the computer and a few minutes after closing the game the sound stopped. I checked my Asus GPU Tweak thinking the problem might be with my fans but both my CPU and GPU fan never went over 3100 rpm, and averaging around 2900 rpm while playing. Im also almost certain both my CPU and GPU fan have been rotating at around those speeds in the past without the obnoxiously loud sound that Im now experiencing.

Thinking that my problem might not be with my fans after all I decided to investigate my Hard Drive (No SSD, just a good old HDD). I've run windows own tool which I don't know the name of (right clicking the discs, going to properties, tools and clicking "check now", as well as using the WMIC command-line interface. I have also run Seagates own tool (SeaTools). According to all of them my discs are fine.

Not knowing what do to next and my anger growing and growing I decided to do a complete factory reset (I had a lot of crap on my laptop so I figured it was a win-win situation)

Anyways, the factory reset took around 4 hours and at around 80% the obnoxious sound came back all the way until the reset was completed. Since then I haven't heard the sound at all even after re-installing a few of my previous apps and games on my laptop. However, when I logged on to World of Warcraft I noticed the FPS was quite low (under 30) and there was this weird delay when moving around. So I checked my settings for my graphic card thinking maybe the factory reset restored it to battery-saving mode, but nope. It was still set to performance. During this time the loud noise from my computer didn't show up once. However, as soon as I reinstalled my drivers the FPS problem was fixed but with it came the extremely loud sound again.

The loud noise and the vibrations seem to be coming from the right side of keyboard if thats to any help.

I know this is a lot of info but I literally got no clue what the problem could be at this point. If anyone got any clue please let me know as I want to try everything I possibly can to fix it before having to go and spend money just on a diagnosis. THANK YOU!

Also my specs are: (If to any use)

ASUS G750JS i7-4700HQ 2,4GHz 8 GB RAM GTX 870M

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 13 Oct 2018

Top right is where the fan is.

My guess is it needs cleaning if lucky if unlucky the bearing may have gone.

click here for disassembly instructions if you fancy having a go yourself.

  Ollebolle96 19:44 13 Oct 2018

I dissembled it earlier today and cleaned it the best I could without any results so I guess I might have to change it haha

  wee eddie 20:11 13 Oct 2018

Ollie, are you familiar with the process of making a stethoscope out of a piece of paper.

One of those should narrow down the source of the noise

  wee eddie 20:13 13 Oct 2018

Ollie, are you familiar with the process of making a stethoscope out of a piece of paper.

One of those should narrow down the source of the noise

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