Vibrating trackball

  scrunge 11:32 29 Mar 2004

I have been using a MS Optical Trackball for some months without problems but the cursor has now developed the shakes and will slowly (minute or so) sink to the bottom of the screen. The shaking is now so bad that it it difficult to accurately position the cursor. Anyone got a cure?

  Bob The Nob 11:33 29 Mar 2004

Try and install the driver again or clean the bottom or lower the senitivity if you can.

  rubella 12:38 29 Mar 2004

Have you added any other input devices? Mine suffered similarly in XP after the addition of a Saitek game controller. The problem was too subtle for the device manager to show, but a reinstall of the Saitek fixed it.

  Sir Radfordin 13:02 29 Mar 2004

Can you remove the ball at all? If so it may be that some dirt has got into it or similar. Try spining the ball very fast in lots of directions to see if that makes a difference (yes i know it sounds mad but it can work!)

  edstowe 13:46 29 Mar 2004

Do you have a graphics tablet (Wacom or similar)?

Sometimes if you leave or park the stylus (pen) near the tablet it can cause the cursor to do odd things when you try to use the mouse.


  scrunge 17:49 29 Mar 2004

Thanks to all who responded. In particular Rubella and Edstowe. Cause was the Wacom tablet that is also connected. Problem solved when I moved the Wacom mouse & stylus away from the tablet.

  edstowe 19:55 29 Mar 2004

Glad to help!


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