Viavoice - uninstall problem solution!

  [DELETED] 05:41 22 Sep 2003

Hi there, I am sure many of you would have installed the IBM Via Voice software that came with the CD in one of the recent issues of PC Advisor ( a few months back if I am not mistaken).

I did and regretted it for quite sometime.You see, it is an excellent software , except when you try to uninstall it. I tried to do so ( I use Win2000)and the software did uninstall. Except for one annoying glitch - whenever I tried to open the Control Panel, it would give an error message " Via Voice could not load language....etc etc". The Control Panel would open only after clicking OK on the applet window.

Solution:go to Start - Run and run Regedit. Under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, there will be an option called Voice. Under that there should be an entry called Engine under which there will be 3 entries.
Look for 3 values named "Dirty" (unbelievable, isn't it) which will be set to 01.Just change the value to 00 and your problem will disappear. Alternatively, you could try and delete the entire Voice key - which I have not done myself.


  [DELETED] 23:54 26 Jun 2005

i thought i would add to this as i had the same problem and tried the above and it didnt work for me. so for anyone using the search function,
i searched the microsoft knowledge pages and found a similar fault and solution that did the job, so for anyone with a viavoice error message when opening the control panel, try this....

open search for files and folders and search for `setnote.cpl`
if this appears as setnote.cpl then simply change the last three letters to bak to give `setnote.bak`

if your search only shows `setnote` then you need to open my computer/tools/folder options/view and uncheck the box that says hide extensions for known files. you should now see setnote.cpl and can change the name.

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