Viable alternative to Outlook express?

  nick_j007 18:46 10 Nov 2004

For longer than I can remember now my O.E. on Win XP sends all my emails with attachments out twice.

Nobody can seem to help; even my ISP (Wanadoo) has stopped replying in the hope I go away! It does not happen if I use their web mail, but that is very inconvenient to use as I send a lot of jpgs about as I am a keen photographer. O.E. does a nice job of compressing and sending from my PC.

I was thinking today if there was a equal (nearly) to O.E. as then I could try downloading it and giving it a try to see if that stops the problem. Also, would I still be able to go into 'My Pictures' click 'Email this folders files' and the email software come in to send them?

Oh yes, could I import to this new prog. all my O.E. folders?

Many thanks.


  ripvan 18:59 10 Nov 2004

have a look at this
click here

  Dan the Confused 19:01 10 Nov 2004

Here are some free email clients, although I've only ever used OE so don't know much about them. (I have heard Eudora is quite good.) click here

  Dorsai 19:04 10 Nov 2004

Of try thunderbid, click here

if you also get firefox from same link, they go well together, like 'gin' and 'tonic'.

  terendak_uk 19:07 10 Nov 2004

as your default, as you're used to the layout?

  nick_j007 19:10 10 Nov 2004

Oh boy...loads to look at/choose from.

Outlook...same name, in what way does it vary?

Thank you all for the links etc...much appreciated!

  Sir Radfordin 19:16 10 Nov 2004

Pegaus Mail click here is one that I used for a long time before needing to switch to Outlook.

Outlook isn't just OE by a different name, it is a much more advanced application offering more than just an email client. Most people would think it overkill for your needs.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:16 10 Nov 2004

Another vote for Thunderbird. I switched to it a couple of weeks ago after using Becky! for 7 years ago. It's excellent when rightly configured.

  nick_j007 19:19 10 Nov 2004

Thunderbird then. Can I import all my files from O.E. to it easily enough?

Foxmail says it can import Outlook messages, but I guess it does mean Outlook and not O.E.


  Dorsai 19:28 10 Nov 2004

just because Outlook is the most common, don't mean it is the best. Betamax was better than VHS, in terms of picture quality. But it lost the race, and is now Dodo like.

I wonder how common outlook and IE would be if Windows(all flavours) did not ship with a browser or an eMail client, and left it up to the user to get one of their own?

We will never know, but thier market share must in a huge part be due to the fact that no one needs to get their own browser/e-mail client. They just stick with what came with the PC. I think it is called 'apathy'.

  nick_j007 19:32 10 Nov 2004

Ok then, I'll give Thunderbird a trial as it has the most votes so far! :-)

Thunderbird is go!


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