VHS Video to DVD

  J. I. 15:24 22 Mar 2005

How is it poss to transfer VHS Video from a VHS Recorder to Dvd. Is there a software program for doing this, and which external leads would be required. My system. xp Home. I have so many old videos that I wish to preserve. Can anyone help

  €dstowe 15:32 22 Mar 2005

There are lots and lots of threads on here about doing this.

Put your keywords in the search box (upper left) and you will all you need to know.

Important: don't rush at it. Read about the various hardware/software options before you decide, then come back here with any queries and our suggestions for you.


  g0slp 15:32 22 Mar 2005

Try this thread

click here

  J. I. 16:47 22 Mar 2005

Some very clever suggestions in the threads on this subject.Many diff ways and combinations on doing it. For now will look out for DVD recorder, then t/x from video recorder to DVD recorder. My video also only has 2 scarts and red & white audio on the back. Will take me time to get things in place. When I do will give it my best and report back on my progress. Thanks for your Help and suggestions

  pj123 17:47 22 Mar 2005

Yes, just enter "vhs to dvd" in the search box on the left of your screen. (without the quote marks). Lots of previous threads/help with this subject. Do not use the search box at the top of the screen, it doesn't work.

As €dstowe says. Don't rush in where fools fear to tread. Have a read of them all first before deciding.

Personally, I use a standalone DVD recorder which copies VHS and Beta tapes in real time. ie. a 3 hour tape takes 3 hours to burn to DVD. Plus of course, I can also record direct to DVD from TV.

If you use your computer with a capture card/device it will take about 7 hours to burn a 3 hour tape.

Think about it first.

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