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  bfc_tangerine 17:18 13 Sep 2003

I have bought a radeon 9200 graphics card with tv out & video in. I've managed to watch tv & videos on my computer & also record from the tv to hard drive with no problems. However when I try to record from the video, the playback is jittery and repeats the first two or three seconds continously - except the top couple of centimetres of the window! It looks as though we have two windows showing, with the "behind" one playing ok and the front one doing all the jittering.

I have used Power VCRII, Vegas Video 4.0 and NANODVR2 and am wondering if Davideo would be the answer! I am running Windows ME.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks.

  MichelleC 09:08 14 Sep 2003

Have you asked on the Vegas Video forum. There's some ace techs there.

  bfc_tangerine 10:34 14 Sep 2003

thanks I'll give it a try

  bfc_tangerine 00:23 24 Sep 2003


  MichelleC 09:08 24 Sep 2003

Things to try (if not done so):

DMA enabled on hd's

record to another hd

defrag hd's

compatable read speed (not rpm) on hd's (assuming you have more than 1

disable onboard graphics in bios (if applicable)

latest 9200 driver

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