busybaz 16:59 10 Sep 2003

Wanting to transfer a deteriorating VHS tape to VCD - where to start? Do I connect VCR to S-Video In on my graphics card via a)RF Out or b)separate Video & Audio Out connections? Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 & VCR is a Matsui old banger with video & audio jacks (no SCART).

Is there a web site out there on this subject with a guide for absolute beginners that does not assume a knowledge of the jargon used? Have searched in vain & not found a site yet that does not have me cross-eyed within minutes!!!!

  Chegs ® 17:03 10 Sep 2003

click here Have a look down the leftside list,see if anything there grabs your attention.

  busybaz 18:58 10 Sep 2003

Thanks Chegs, already got this one mapped but it doesn't tell me how to commence i.e. how to connect & with what!

  Qmar 20:48 10 Sep 2003

IMHO- get the harware ( ie a tv card or other device ) or get it done professionally.

  Qmar 20:51 10 Sep 2003

or get hold of a friend who has a modern camcorder that you can 'record' your VHS tape to via a Video-player,. Then send this DV file to a pc for burning.

  Ping Pong 22:26 10 Sep 2003

If your tape is deteriorating the first thing to do is stabilise what you've got. Both Photo Optix and Jessops offer a video copying service via IC video where you can get a dvd made.
click here
click here
click here
If it is only the one tape that you want copying then visit your local photo/video store as mentioned above and remember they cannot duplicate copyrighted stuff without written consent from the copyright holder. That means if it is a family movie shot by you on a home camcorder then you are the copyright holder. If the video was commercially produced then you will need to seek permission from the copyright holder first.

If you have a half decent computer you could attempt this yourself at home.
Belkin do a lead with software for circa £80 which will allow you to pull video to PC.

  Chegs ® 22:30 10 Sep 2003

Or £30 for Pinnacle RAVE TV card,has the ability to function as a digi vid recorder,TV tuner,and simply connect present flaky vid recorders tv socket to TV socket on card,load the included software and off you go.

  busybaz 09:12 11 Sep 2003

Sounds like the Pinnacle is the way to go without spending for nothing - if it doesn't do the trick, at least I have a tv tuner!

Manythanks to all for their input

  graham√ 09:41 11 Sep 2003

I don't think a basic TV card will accept an RF signal. Even with expensive equipment it is always tricky to get the picture and sound in snync, as they have to be processed separately by your PC.

  raakash 14:42 11 Sep 2003

you need a special type of hardware which is termed as Video capture card. you check with dazzle, pinnacle( pinnacle mp10, pinacle mp 20) or
Monarch vision (mv-5, Mv-10 etc.). they will cost nearly $250.00 along with their software.

  graham√ 14:55 11 Sep 2003

I'm having difficulty getting my snync in sync.

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