vhs tapes to pc

  Liza 03:13 15 Nov 2009

I am having problems connecting video recorder and pc. Having installed the software I connected the av lead with usb adaptor on one end and av cables on the other. Being female plugs I connected a cable with male plugs to them. Nothing happened. I connected to the jacks in the front of the video recorder and then at the back. I also tried a cable with scart socket on one end and av cables on the other. This again did not make anything happen on the laptop. Laptop not pc because laptop has the usb connectors for the adaptor. I did not connect the s video cable. Where am I going wrong? Please help. Thanks, Liza

  gengiscant 08:08 15 Nov 2009
  rawprawn 09:06 15 Nov 2009

Hi Liza, please excuse me joining in but I am shortly going to try and transfer my old VHS tapes onto my laptop and I have bought the usb adapter. I am told it is easy but knowing me I have serious doubts so I will watch with interest.
Here is a link to my earlier post
click here

  eedcam 09:38 15 Nov 2009

Have neither of you got a dvd recorder by far the best and easiest way to go

  rawprawn 10:35 15 Nov 2009

Not me, we haven't even got Freeview where I live.

  Liza 14:51 15 Nov 2009

Thank you eedcam. I have a dvd panasonic recorder. I heard panasonic do not allow other brancs to use theirs to get results. However I will try as suggested by somebody in rawprawn's submission. I will also try the capturing possibility and report. Thanks rawprawn for coming in.

  pienter 15:30 15 Nov 2009

My graphics card is an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9200 which has a purple socket marked VidIn for an 8 pin circular plug. I want to connect up a VCR which has a Scart outlet in order to digitalise VHS tapes. On eBay I find plenty of cables with Scart at one end and three RCA plugs at the other. There are also cables with Scart at one end and an SVHS plug at the other which look a bit as though they might fit, but then it is stated that SVHS does not carry audio. Can anyone advise what type of cable is required in my case?

  woodchip 16:23 15 Nov 2009

Easy way, click here

  john bunyan 18:08 15 Nov 2009

You can use the Panasonic via Scart - I think the setting is external source or some such.

  eedcam 18:24 15 Nov 2009

Liza just make sure the disc is finalised and you will be fine Try and stay within the 2 hours for the dvd to get Standard quality. If you must go over the 2 hours marginally say by up to a half hour use the Pannys Flexible record whichwiil give the best reult for that time

  Liza 14:15 16 Nov 2009

Hello rawprawn, eedcam and others
Success! Somebody said the s video (sv) plug will solve the problem and indeed it has. The connectors you have on vcr in front is I think 'in'. Anyway I took the plugs out and put the red and white (first looked at my vcr manual) into jacks on the back of the vcr. Now I wanted the sv jack. Found it, also found a sv cable in my 'all sorts' cables bag, looked at both ends one female other male inserted one end into the conversion device and the other into the vcr. Turn vcr with tape on then play then come to your computer and believe it or not what came on telly also came on my computer. Wish you success as well rawprawn and thanks to all. Liza

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