VHS tapes to DVD for £29 - no hardware needed!!!!

  JYPX 22:10 02 Sep 2004

X-oom Video 2 DVD is today reviewed by a well known (published fortnightly) computer magazine as a means of transfering your VHS tapes to a blank DVD - and there is not a single mention of capture cards or other hardware. On the website for the software click here the only mention of hardware (in system requirements) is "8 MB RAM AGP video card". Am I missing something here or is this absolute nonsense?

  JYPX 09:38 03 Sep 2004

Thanks Sethhaniel, that is very amusing......Any other comments PLEASE.

  JYPX 10:48 03 Sep 2004

Hmmm...Sorry that I am so stubborn but I just don't believe it. Why are we now seeing various usb devices in the £100 to £200 range which are are on the market to enable VHS to PC transfer , if it is possible to do the same with software - for only £29 !!!!

  JYPX 15:06 03 Sep 2004

As I said - ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. If you happen to be in your local newsagent this weekend have a quick look at this review (I am sure you realise which "magazine" I am talking about) and then imagine what the target audience - novice pc users - will make of it.

  JYPX 15:41 03 Sep 2004

SEASHANTY - Yes you are right. There is no reason to avoid the name of the publication. They have simply made a mistake - in talking about transfer from VHS to blank DVD - which will mean that some readers will spend £29 on software which will not function until they also purchase a capture card.

  Stuartli 15:52 03 Sep 2004

You could put your boots in it.....

  JYPX 16:29 03 Sep 2004

pj123 - For pcadvisor readers all your assumptions make perfect sense. However.....we are talking about ComputerActive here ("Simple Clear Advice!") I can assure you that the review clearly states that this software will transfer your VHS tapes onto your pc and makes no mention of capture cards/usb devices/ additional cost. Surely you must know someone who has just bought their first pc and is buying ComputerActive to gain knowledge. I do!

  JYPX 16:38 03 Sep 2004

Bowsprit - I used to purchase ComputerActive twice every month after I bought my first pc. I picked up masses of knowledge from this publication which is - on the whole - excellent. I was a novice user - and there was no shame in that. Everyone has to learn. Thank you for the implied insult.

  JYPX 18:03 03 Sep 2004

pj123 - I can hardly find a single person - on or off this forum - who shares my perception of this review. You can't all be wrong so I am gonna have to concede this one. Apologies to Rory Reid who penned the review in computer active!

  JYPX 20:07 04 Sep 2004

cga - Please don't start me off again on that one.

  JYPX 20:09 04 Sep 2004

Oh go on then. I have no quibble with the product - If you say it is ok that is good enough for me. On Thursday evening I was handed a copy a ComputerActive and asked the question - "is this worth 29 quid", and my answer was - "Its not £29. It's £29 plus the price of a capture card" Hence my original post. Because - in my opinion - it is possible that some readers of ComputerActive have just bought their first pc (for goodness sake - this is hardly a radical concept) and it is just possible that they are not yet aware of the difference between their bog standard graphics card and a video capture card. And then joining the debate we had Bowsprit, who not only questions that such a person could exist - but then goes on to compare that person with someone needing instructions to buy/cook/eat/digest baked beans. The word novice is not an insult - It describes you, me , the FE , when we first sat down in front of a pc. Nothing whatsoever to do with "intelligence" - Bowsprit please note. As I have said - if most people think the review is fine then it must be fine! (Hence my apology to the journalist), but then I look at the rest of the magazine - and note that every detail is carefully explained.......

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