VHS to PC ??

  neko 20:57 08 Feb 2003


My friend recently asked me how he could send his home movies from his VHS c camcorder to his PC. He needs, in plain english, everything that is required. Maplins confused him when he asked and curry's staff admited they didn't have the foggiest. All I know is you'll need a card, software and the right cables.
Can anyone be specific?


  BrianW 21:14 08 Feb 2003

If he goes to PCWOrld he will see a variety of kits which will let him do what he wants. They come in two flavours, an external USB plug-in socket with the necessary software or an internal PCI board with software. I have no experience of either as I am just starting out on this route myself but if you search this helproom you should find several posts regarding different systems. I've no doubt one of our resident Vid Wizs will be along shortly ;>}}

  neko 21:42 08 Feb 2003

Thanks, I'll email him now, I think there's a PC world in Lincoln not too far away. I live near Grimsby which doesn't have one but I doubt you'll get better fish and chips anywhere else! Well maybe Aberdeen.

  cream. 21:53 08 Feb 2003


In basic format what your friend will need is a capture card. This can be hooked up to either a outside aerial or through a video recorder. It should take a standard av connector.

This is a list of some cards and a site that may help.

click here

  MichelleC 09:42 09 Feb 2003

Also he'll need some dv editing software. The capture card will convert the analogue signals to dv format for the pc to recognise the files. These files are avi and are edited in this uncompressed format. Then he can either burn or print back to tape via converter. I use Video Factory: click here

  Pcloe 09:47 09 Feb 2003

What would be the bes toption for this is a nice and cheap tv internal capture card. The your video aerial goes into the back of that. Play your videos through your vcr then use a program like Ulead Video Studio 6 (free) to capture the video usind your tvcard. bye ... video studio is great loads of effects and all sorts of usefull sh*te

  bremner 09:48 09 Feb 2003

For a cost effective solution have a look at the Pinnacle Linx cable. This is about £39.00 at dabs and comes with Pinnacle Studio v8 Lite. It captures from Analogue Camcorders and VCR's in AVI format. The software then converts this to mpeg. The Lite version of Studio is just missing the automatic write to CD/DVD.

I have Nero for burning CD's and this can burn the mpeg to VCD for playback on my DVD player.

  Pcloe 09:48 09 Feb 2003

i can spell, its just my keyboard is playing up !!!

  neko 16:58 09 Feb 2003

thanks to everyone for replying!


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