VHS to DVD for absolute beginner

  GrannyA 06:59 20 May 2010

I'm 70 and not at all techi but would like to transfer my VHS home movies to DVD. Needs to be fairly simple and not too costly please.

  johnincrete 07:34 20 May 2010

I'm a granddad I have the same problem. I've had lots of advice and still can't get it to work. The closest I got was to transfer the picture but not the sound.
I'm in Crete where the "experts" are not experts - just macho. Maybe you could get a grandchild to set it up for you (like we used to get them to programme the VCR)
You will need a bit added to your computer which is designed for TV programmes so you need a bit of help. Then there is the dreaded cable. Then there is the software. It's all in that new language that youngsters just know & which totally baffles me
Do you know there are companies that do it for you - I'm guessing but you could probably get up to 5 done for the cost of doing them yourself.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the real experts on this forum have to say - you certainly have come to the right place!

  dogtrack 07:35 20 May 2010

It is a very tricky business for a complete novice.

However if you have a look in the following forum you should get some assistance.

click here

The easiest way is to have a combination VHS/DVD recorder and play your tape while recording onto a disc. Not sure if they are still available though...old technology.

And bear in mind that if your tapes are of the Bought variety, the will have copy protection which will prevent you from making copies.

  hastelloy 07:44 20 May 2010

VHS machines are still around and you need to connect one to a DVD recorder using a scart cable. Set the DVD reorder source to AV and then record.

  eedcam 08:33 20 May 2010

As said use a dvd recorder if possible its the easiest and least problematic. Also should you wish to edit them after its dead easy to get them on the pc. Appreciate you may not have a dvd recorder but perhaps someone in the family does or has access to one.If not and you are in the Bristol area be happy to do them for you free.

  michaelw 09:05 20 May 2010

As the last two posts suggest:

Get a standalone DVD recorder. Connect SCART from VHS to DVD, press Record on DVD, press Play on VHS. Finalise DVD when you've finished recording.

  Graham. 09:12 20 May 2010

I agree, it's not a job for a computer. The picture and sound will be out of sync.

  Arnie 15:52 20 May 2010


This is certainly the way to go.

I have an old VHS recording of a friend’s wedding made around 25 years ago.
The tape was originally coarse edited by me using a second VHS recorder to keep the areas of interest.

Three or four days ago I connected my Panasonic VHS recorder to the AV2 (EXT) scart socket of my Panasonic DMR-EX27EB DVD recorder. A DVD RAM disc was used to enable me to fine edit the final recording by using the excellent on board editing and naming system of the DVD recorder.
If the original tape recording does not need to be edited, it can be recorded directly to a cheaper DVD-R disc.

If one has a second DVD recorder as I, it can be used to make a recording from the master RAM disk in the first recorder, to a cheaper DVD-R disc in the second recorder. Finish by finalising the non-RAM disc. This will enable it to be used in most DVD players.
The unfinalised RAM disc can now erased ready for reuse.
This method can be used to make multi copies of cherished moments from a pre-edited disc, to give to other family members or friends.

HDD recorders could also be used to make copies from VHS recorders.
To keep your recordings safe, don’t forget to transfer them from the hard drive to DVD discs as soon as possible.

  Diemmess 17:52 20 May 2010

I completed the transfer of 8mm cine to DVD only last week.

The first part, 8mm cine to VHS was done 15 years ago with a borrowed Sony gismo which recorded a projection as a VHS tape. I was concerned that VHS might corrupt over time and so the conversion.

But that's how it started...!

Freeview and digital switchover I installed a Panasonic DMR-EH60DEB which probably has more recent rivals and versions now.
It's essentials were HD recorder, Digital converter and a DVD recorder.

It was relatively easy to transfer tapes to the internal HD. My Panansonic thingy would not allow direct copying from Tape to DVD, but it would transfer (by dubbing as it was called) HD files to DVD.

Then as ever, when I try something new, trying to make 5 lots of 4 DVD copies I made about 10 coasters...before I had the process sorted...!
That was all my fault in an unfamiliar world of DVD copying.
But each "child" now has their own.

  GrannyA 06:46 21 May 2010

A big thank you for the many replies and the help. First time I have used a Forum and have been amazed at the friendly and helpful response.
I think I may have it sussed and will have a go - but could someone please tell me what 'finalising' the DVD means.
Granny A

  BT 07:40 21 May 2010

..is the last process involved in making a DVD that will play on your machine after being recorded, as its name implies.
You must do this to make te DVD playable.

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