xania 15:40 25 Jan 2010

I have a Sony recorder with both VHS & DVD. I have copied one of mt VHS tapes to DVD successfully, so it plays withoutany probelsm on the Sony recorder. However, when I try to play that creted DVD on my PC, it is not recognised as having any data on it. Using Windows explorer to try to read the disc in drive N:\ (DVD Read Write drive) Error message reads:

N:\ is not accessble. Incorrect function.

I can only assume that my Recorder is not recording in a format that Windows understands. Any ideas how I might overcome this problem, please?

  xania 20:21 28 Jan 2010

No joy with Imgburn either. And I've just tried it on my laptop just in case I had a WIndows problem and same thing happens there.

  xania 10:24 29 Jan 2010

Lazarus The 2nd - thanks for this. It looks as if I did not finalise the recording correctly after all. I will try this way now and report back.

  xania 11:22 29 Jan 2010

Ah! Now we're getting somewhere. It seems that I can only create discs readable by my PC if I use re-writables - not write once discs. Oh dear.

  eedcam 12:36 29 Jan 2010

Not a big problem though unusual but once on the pc you can burn as many as you like and reuse the RW

  xania 13:01 29 Jan 2010

Absolutely. Use one +RW , copy to PC then burn to +R.


  eedcam 18:53 29 Jan 2010

great but -RW/R is more commonly accepted that +RW/R

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