xania 15:40 25 Jan 2010

I have a Sony recorder with both VHS & DVD. I have copied one of mt VHS tapes to DVD successfully, so it plays withoutany probelsm on the Sony recorder. However, when I try to play that creted DVD on my PC, it is not recognised as having any data on it. Using Windows explorer to try to read the disc in drive N:\ (DVD Read Write drive) Error message reads:

N:\ is not accessble. Incorrect function.

I can only assume that my Recorder is not recording in a format that Windows understands. Any ideas how I might overcome this problem, please?

  xania 15:42 25 Jan 2010

Opps sorry - its a Sanyo recorder - model DVR-V100E.

  retep888 15:53 25 Jan 2010

Has your Sanyo recorder an automatic finalizing function or you have to do it manually?

Just a long shot.

  Terry Brown 16:06 25 Jan 2010

Try file site click here for a wide range of software that may help you.

Another good 'Play almost anything' program is supersetup200830 , however I am not sure if it is still available.

  eedcam 17:54 25 Jan 2010

As said finalise. It is normally only manually done

  David4637 20:32 25 Jan 2010

I had the same prob, the DVD needed finalising by the DVD Recorder to play in a DVD standalone DVD player. If you look at the finalised disc in Explorer you will see the folder Video_TS and the video files in it. David

  eedcam 22:24 25 Jan 2010

David though likely, not always the same problem you can also with most recorders record in VR mode which is not the same

  xania 11:12 27 Jan 2010

Sorry about delay in responding - tied up yesterday.

The machine does an automatic finalise. Once removed, you can see that the is something on the DVD and it plays back perfectly on the player. But, as I say, if you try to look at the finalised disc in Windows Explorer to read the disc in drive N:\ (DVD Read Write drive) Error message reads:

N:\ is not accessble. Incorrect function.

Same thing if you click on the DVD icon in My Computer

  xania 11:18 27 Jan 2010

Terry Brown

Thanks for this - I found the software at click here

Unfortunately the link you gave did not show anything of interest but I'll try supersetup200830 later and report back.

  xania 17:21 27 Jan 2010

supersetup200830 now installed on my F:\ drive but still wants 20Gb on my C:\ drive. Also no instructions and very confusing interface. Cannot see how to find and enter a file for processing, so I'm afraid there's no help there.

  eedcam 18:32 27 Jan 2010

Xania it'll play on your player regardless if its a video dvd or a vr if the pc dont see it (No software needed) then its possibly VR can you check and confirm . If it is VR which is sometimes default then the easisest is just record it again but make sure its Dvd Video in your settings

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