vhs to dvd

  yorkieman 01:28 14 Oct 2004

hi i would like to copy all my vhs tapes (home movies)to dvd can anyone recommend a product to do this useing usb connection as i have no room for a new sound/capture card i would like to transfer them to my hard drive first and use a burning software to transfer to dvd

  Diodorus Siculus 07:54 14 Oct 2004

You can get a USB tv card such as the one from hauppauge and use it to record from your video.

It should come with its own software.

  SEASHANTY 16:03 14 Oct 2004

It is far easier doing thius on one of the standalone home DVD recorders. Then the transfer from VHS is in real time and all you need is a scart lead and, of course, the DVD recordable discs. click here

  yorkieman 17:10 14 Oct 2004

thanks for the info,are you simply saying if i buy one of these recorders all i have to do is connect a scart plug from my video to the input on the dvd recorder and it will record onto a 4.7 gb blank disc

  SEASHANTY 09:10 15 Oct 2004

That is exactly what the DVD recorder does. You have to select the speed though. Most DVD recorders
are capable of XP, SP, EP and ELP which corresponds to periods of 1 hour, 2 hours, four hours and either 6 or 8 hours you can record to on one 4.7GB DVDR disc. This is done by altering the bit speed at which the laser burns the disc. Its a quality setting with XP being the best. Most of my VHS tapes have been transferred using the four hour EP setting because this is quite reasonable for VHS. You cannot get out better quality than you put in. If you purchase one of the Panasonic or JVC machines then these will also record onto DVD-RAM discs which you can record to over and over again - up to 100,000 times they recon. I use the RAM discs instead of a
four hour tape to record and re-record over and over again. Its like a never wearing out 4 hour VHS tape but the video quality is much better than VHS. The prices of DVD recorders are now dropping fast and will eventually supercede the VCR.

  Philwane 10:19 15 Oct 2004

I use a LiteOn LVW-5005 dual format DVD Recorder To copy my old VHS tapes its a good machine and you can pick one up from Amazon for £170.00

  yorkieman 10:49 15 Oct 2004

thanks for the info, this seems the way go. just one other thing i have a lot of videos that are not available on dvd taking up room on my shelf could i put them on to dvd as my video player is quite old now and i dont want to buy a new one just for those videos

  Philwane 12:35 15 Oct 2004


  yorkieman 15:09 15 Oct 2004

what about macrovision on some tapes would that be a problem

  SEASHANTY 16:11 15 Oct 2004

Yes - it probably will if you attempt to copy copyright VHS tapes. Maplin had a gadget that was
supposed to let you copy such tapes to DVD but they were forced to stop selling it. Sonel reputedly have a modified scart lead click here
but dunno if it works or not. The only VHS tapes I have transferred are home camcorder tapes and VHS tapes recorded from TV. I sold all the pre-recorded VHS tapes I had at car boot sales quite a while back. Nowadays you find it hard to get rid of them.

  SEASHANTY 16:35 15 Oct 2004

The JVC DR-M10 Silver is an excellent DVD recorder.
£204-90 from Digital Direct click here or the Panasonic DMR-E55 for £189-49 (the latter also includes delivery), also from Digital Direct who seem to be the cheapest these days.

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