VHS coversion to DVD

  rickf 15:36 28 Sep 2012

Hi All, What hatdware and software have you used for doing the above. I have lots of family tapes, especially ones of my son when he was a child, to convert. Am thinking of buying one from ebay. any info of your experience appreciated.

  Nontek 16:16 28 Sep 2012

I have used this, bought at a boot-sale for a Fiver! Worked brilliantly.

  spuds 16:34 28 Sep 2012

I have a Funai DRV-B2737 DVD/VCR Dual-Recorder with PDC that does the job of conversion. Purchased from Currys quite some time ago, so not sure if this model or similar are still available.

Also have video adapters, which were purchased from Hong Kong via eBay at a far less price than here in the UK. Haven't tried them out, but reports seem to offer good reviews, but you will require the additional components for conversions (VHS recorder/player etc).

  Woolwell 16:46 28 Sep 2012

I tried a Pinnacle Dazzle DVD recorder with terrible results. A friend had a stand alone dvd/vcr recorder and did the job well and in a fraction of the time.

  Diemmess 16:58 28 Sep 2012

I had to ask my son about this.

Thanks to his basic understanding (otherwise it would have taken me ages to work with a manual). We used appropriate SCART cables and selected the correct settings for AV 1, 2, and perhaps 3.

All this was done with an obsolete (analogue) VHS recorder/player and a current digital recorder with HD and DVD faciltities.

No extra software and not a computer in sight. From memory I think I had to save the VHS played data to the HD first and then copy from the HD to a DVD.

Fine for personal recordings, not allowed if trying to copy commercial tapes (Protected).

  chub_tor 17:01 28 Sep 2012

I used this ezcap device from Amazon with the supplied Arcsoft software plus one of these and they worked fine for me on Win 7 64 bit. Same setup currently being used by brother-in-law on Win 7 32 bit. No need to load the drivers on the CD as Windows finds them automatically when you plug the ezcap in. Did change the audio driver though to USB Audio

  Nontek 18:00 28 Sep 2012

I have also used a dual VHS/DVD Player Recorder, pretty straight-forward, just pop in a blank DVD, set to Record, play the VHS tape and done in the time it takes to run the tape.

  chub_tor 18:44 28 Sep 2012

Nontek/Diemmess if you use the VHS/DVD player system can you subsequently get the data from the DVD so that you can edit it to remove noisy/blank parts and maybe add titles etc?

The reason I went the capture way was just for that but if there is an easier way I would be interested. I realise that there is no difference in time as both methods of transferring require that the tape has to be run in real time.

  Nontek 19:53 28 Sep 2012


I'm afraid I did not try that - just did a quick VHS to DVD conversion for a friend using the dual VHS/DVD route.

  rickf 20:42 28 Sep 2012

Thanks all. Been very informative and helpful. I now know what to go for. Cheers

  rickf 12:49 29 Sep 2012

Took out my vhs recorder which has not been used for over 10yrs. Plugged it in and it works a treat. They don't make it like they used to be eh? Anyway bought all necessary components for the job next week. Thanks all.

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