bluto1 21:22 15 May 2007

I`ve a number of VHS recordings that I`d like to transfer to CD, and quite frankly I don`t know where to start. I phoned a mate and he said I need a Graphics card with Video-in and/or a video capture lead.
The graphics card I`ve got is NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro (M/S Corp) [Display Adaptor]
Is it any good for the purpose? If not, can you point me in the right direction. A basic one will do provided it can do the transfers. Cash is at a premium right now, but I`m willing to wait. As for the Video capture lead, I`ve no idea what he`s talking about, can you help here too please?
Grateful for any help.

  Diversion 22:58 15 May 2007

I copy mine to my DVD recorder, I have 100's of video films that I have bought over the years. And when I fancy watching one of the videos I connect it to my DVD recorder and record the movie to DVD whilst I watch it. I assume that's what you are after doing too. I'd have thought you needed a TV card of sorts to do it on the PC, but I stand to be corrected on that point as I’m not sure.

  iarno 23:12 15 May 2007

You might find this useful. It tells you what specs you need.
I find it work very well.

click here

  bluto1 23:49 15 May 2007

I don`t want to use DVD yet, but you mentioned a TV card. Any more info?

I`ll look at this tomorrow, there`s a little of the translation lost on me at the moment, but it looks good.

Thank you both.

  Diversion 00:12 16 May 2007

Maybe this is what you're after there are better ones than this under Products & Graphics Cards & at the bottom TV Tuners click here#

  Diversion 00:16 16 May 2007

I didn't realize that they where so cheap, I might just get one myself.

  iarno 16:31 16 May 2007

Sorry but it looks as if the sale of this has ended. Dont know why. I think there are similar products out there, will have a search for you.

  iarno 17:23 16 May 2007

This one is similar to mine,see if you think it's what your after. Good price at £25.

  Snec 17:53 16 May 2007

Which one?

  bluto1 18:49 16 May 2007

Thank you both for the help. The TV capture card may be just what I need. I`ll tick as resolved, but if any problems later I`ll come back. Thanks again.

  iarno 18:52 16 May 2007

Oooooops, forgot the click here. Must be my age.
click here

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