Ops 22:41 30 Dec 2004

Is it possible to transfer films of vhs video to cdr

  Totally-braindead 22:46 30 Dec 2004


  Totally-braindead 22:48 30 Dec 2004

Sorry, couldn't resist that. The normal way of doing it is to get some sort of video capture card, some people use TV tuner cards that accept an input from a VCR and then burn the result to a CD. Prices vary from £30 or so upwards.

  Ops 22:48 30 Dec 2004


  Ops 22:49 30 Dec 2004

many thanks

  Totally-braindead 22:51 30 Dec 2004

Should have said as well, I'm about to try this myself in the next couple of weeks, I've got a MSI GeForce FX5900 graphics card and it has a video in thing on it and it turms out the card came with the software as well which I didn't realise until someone asked me if I could do it for them. So it may be worth looking at you graphics cards inputs and see if that'll do the job, if it will then the only thing you'll then need is some software.

  Totally-braindead 22:52 30 Dec 2004

Sorry about the spelling, do you know what graphics card you have ie make/model?

  Ops 22:55 30 Dec 2004

abit fx5600 gforce 128mb

  Totally-braindead 23:05 30 Dec 2004

My mates got a 5600 MSI one and its got a connector on it same as mine, its listed in the motherboard manual as a D sub port (15 pin) if you have one of these you may be able to use your graphics card as a capture card but you would still need the leads and the software which may be expensive. Look in your graphics card box and see what it has, if you don't have the relevant cables/software it may be cheaper just to buy either a TV card or a dedicated capture card, making sure of course that they supply the software you need with it. By the way worth mentioning I think, to capture analogue video which is what you're wanting to do it needs a fast PC, I believe a minimum 800 mhz although if you've got a 5600 graphics card your PCs probably much faster than that. If I'm wrong about the speed thing I'm sure someone will correct me as I'm going by what I've read rather than what I've tried myself.

  woodchip 23:18 30 Dec 2004

S/Video is only to connect to a TV, it will not work as video in. A Ati All in Wonder card will capture

  Ops 23:21 30 Dec 2004

i have a 1394 ieee card will that do

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