vhost.exe uncreases cpu up to 50%

  shayw 10:26 11 Nov 2013


I have a laptop dell with windows xp as os.I also used google chrome for webbrowser.When i connected to the net ,i remarked via the taskmanager that the cpu increases to 50 % for about 3 minutes. imagename pid username cpu svhost.exe 1472 system 50
I clicked the end process button the result was i cannot continue to browse in the internet and must to restart windows.

To see which applications can cause this i wrote in the cmd tasklist\svc and this is the list i got 1472 audiosrv,cryptsvc,dhcp,ersvc,eventsystem fastuserswitchingcompatibility,helpsvc,lanmanserver lanmanworkstation,netman,nla rasman,schdule,seclogon,sens,sharedaccess shellhwdetection.srservice,tapisrv themes,trkwks,w32time.winmgmt,wscsvc wuauserv,wzscvc

I don't know if is a normal behavior or is something todo

Thank in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 12 Nov 2013

Assume you mean svchost?

this runs various .dlls and is normal behaviour

surprisingly enough connecting to the net is quite cpu and ram intensive especially on XP.

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