VGA video drivers

  kindly 15:39 24 Feb 2011

Hi everyone, I have just got an old PC from my work. Unfortunatly I had to format it and put XP onto it. My problem is that the graphics are on board ones. I dont have any drivers that will do the job and the XP disc did not load any into the computer when loading it in.
I have searched about on the net and what I have got ranges from Generic to proper ones and still no joy. The monitor is running on 256 colours and is rubbish.
The computer itself has 40gig HD and 512meg ram. Its basic but is ok. I was going to try out Ubuntu and see what that was like but I would like to sort this problem first.
I hope someone can shed some sort of help on my matter. So thanks in advance to anyone who does.

  GaT7 15:54 24 Feb 2011

Start by telling us the motherboard make & model. If this is a bit vague, tell us the exact make & model of the PC it was taken from.

You may be able to find the necessary info by using the free (non-installer) version of SIW click here (lower down). Run it & when it opens look at the Hardware > Motherboard, & Hardware > Video sections. Let us know what this info is. G

  kindly 17:16 24 Feb 2011

Hi crossbow, thanks for the fast reply. I will have a look tonight when I get in from work and post tomorrow. Cheers.

  kindly 15:59 25 Feb 2011

Hi crossbow, I downloaded that program. Some details on the results are
Motherboard, Intel Corp,Model no. D845GRG
Version 6.5.2600.5512
VGA controller 5.1.2600.5512

The last two numbers are all shown on the list for diferent drivers.

The computer really is not a make rather than a made up one. It was used in university offices till a few weeks ago. It does have a pentium 4 processor and three memory slots but only 512 meg ram. No video card.
In the siw program there are only two references to video and the numbers that are with them are the same as above.
sorry not much help and I understand that with such little to go on then help will be short. Thankyou anyway.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 25 Feb 2011

I have a PC running this board you need the Extreme Graphics Driver click here

  kindly 16:40 25 Feb 2011

Thanks fruitbat, they work a treat. I knew one of the good members here would be able to help me.
The hard drive has an empty partition on it so I might put umbuntu on that and give it a go.

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