VGA or DVI-D or both ?

  wilf62 12:50 25 May 2010

ive just bought a new pc after my old one of 5 yrs finally packed up.
i now have a " DELL inspiron 580" with a ATI radeon HD 5450 gfx card, my LCD monitor is a LG W53 series.

the pc and monitor have both vga and dvi-d sockets and leads, just want to know do i connect one or the other, or both?
I'm a bit behind with all this modern tech, didnt have all this on my old one.

  ashdav 12:54 25 May 2010

DVI is best.
It allows the graphics card to set up the monitor automatically without you having to set frame rates,image position,size,etc.

  Proclaimer 09:09 26 May 2010

the VGA is an Analogue output.

  Diemmess 12:36 27 May 2010

One useful point is that you can use either.

When a cable fault occured it was simple to prove where the fault lay by substituting the DVI cable with the VGA cable to give me a picture again.

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