VGA no signal

  jmb531 15:29 24 Jun 2010

I was using my sons computer when the mouse froze and windows announced a problem with a USB connection.I had to close down the PC by holding in Power button.Upon restart I got the message no vga signal.I have checked all the cables but still no joy.The PC is under warranty with John Lewis but I would prefer to try some simple measures at home as the PC is in frequent use.I would welcome any advice/tips which you may have.

  onthelimit 15:33 24 Jun 2010

I would be cautious about doing anything much as it's under warranty. Does it have a separate graphics card, or does it use on board? If the former, you could try wiggling the card in case it's loose in the slot, but I wouldn't take the covers off to check for the reason I gave earlier.

  jmb531 15:35 24 Jun 2010

it is the latter

  jmb531 15:36 24 Jun 2010

thanks for the quick reply aswell

  onthelimit 16:46 24 Jun 2010

Hmm - if on board I don't think there's much you can try. I'll wait to be proved wrong, though. Back to the tennis (68/68 in the final set).

  Woolwell 16:49 24 Jun 2010

Operating System?

  jmb531 17:22 24 Jun 2010

windows vista premium

  Woolwell 17:31 24 Jun 2010

With no VGA output you are a bit stuck as you cannot see if the devices are working. Can you enter in safe mode?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 24 Jun 2010

1. Try another monitor /cable
2. TRy booting to BIOS by tapping the appropriate key (DEL ESC F2 are usual ones)
see if you get a BIOS screen.
3. if above do not work take it back.

  jmb531 20:02 24 Jun 2010

Thanks to everyone offering help today.It looks like we will return it to JLewis for simplicity

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