VGA to HDMI converter displays interference

  Trikie 16:52 16 May 2016

Trying to show laptop photos on a TV using a SYNiC converter. The bottom quarter of the TV screen has permanent flashing vertical lines that extend into the bottom of the pictures.

Tried removing the USB link in case it was a sound problem but no difference.

  Trikie 18:36 16 May 2016

Just tried linking to another (much smaller) TV and the "interference" has gone. Unfortunately despite trying various adjustments to the TV picture the colours were way out, and as the reason for the exercise is to help my wife's vision problems the small TV would not be a very good solution anyway.

  BRYNIT 21:25 16 May 2016

Due to it working on the smaller TV the problem could be the output resolution setting from the laptop needs changing to match the TV.

Knowing the make of laptop the OS and what TV you have may help us help you.

  Trikie 22:03 16 May 2016

The laptop is a refurbished Dell Latitude E4310. Windows 7.

The TV is a Beko 26WLH530HID.

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