VGA drivers wont install! neither will broadband!

  laura e 13:36 21 Feb 2005

I totally messed up my pc by accidentally seleting system files so the pc just wouldnt load up at all. My friend sortied the problem but now it is running windows 2000 pro whereas it was running ME before! Problem is that now the old drivers are not compaitible with the new operating system and therefore i had to download the correct driver for win 2000! it is a s3 trio 3d/2x card. So i tried to install this new driver and it wont install at all. It starts the installation wizard and then says installation was unable to complete. please check the progress log in your windows directory for infprmation! I cant find anything called this anywhere! Becuase of the pc only running in 16 colours I cant run hardly any programmes at all including the internet. Also we have just upgraded from aol dial-up to aol boradband, which apparantly was a mistake! Especially as it wont work on my apple laptop! But I tried to install it onto the pc and the disk wont even read at all!! it just keeps saying setup.exe will now close. So we r paying for broad-band which we dont have, we now to have to pay to use dial up, but that wont work on the pc cos of it running in 16 colours and just to top it all off my laptop has just broken too! So if anyone had ANY ideas why my VGA driver wont install or why the broadband cd wont work it would be greatly appreciated!!

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:25 21 Feb 2005

have u tryed unzipping the driver file to a folder then go to device manager and install that way may help

  laura e 15:39 21 Feb 2005

hiya! thanks for replying, yeah i tried that already, it just kept saying no suitable driver could be found. Even though i actually took my computer apart, found the name of the vga card and then downloaded the correct driver for that card and for the correct os twice from 2 different sites! It just isnt acknowledging it at all!! I dont know if maybe theres a fault with windows 2000 and it hasnt installed correctly and maybe thats why it wont install the driver and why boradband wont install as well? :-s

  Diemmess 16:04 21 Feb 2005

SurfMonkey _#:@}™ has good advice for the video driver. I just emphasise the need to unzip the downloaded file into a folder of its own.

Once you have done this --- then from Control Panel pick Display. Then Properties > settings > advanced > adapter > properties >driver >update driver........At this point you can browse to display the folder where your new drivers are, and the computer should do the rest!

Aol seems to have no interest in Apple, and while you can load Aol version 5 or something, that is dialup at its most primitive.........Aol v.9 is standard for a BB modem and the Installation instructions are thorough if a mite tedious.

It is important to follow their instructions about filters and USB connection, particularly to do it the way "Grannie says". So when you have the filters in place, and slip the CD into the slot, be sure the USB cabel is not plugged in at both ends. The most convenient end to reach is the one to omit!.........Now let it go through the motions of installing the Modem, and when at last it asks to connect the modem, make the final USB connection........If you don't have Aol 9 installed it will be offered as the next step.

  laura e 16:20 21 Feb 2005

hi! yeah i have a zipped copy and an unzipped copy and neither will do anything :( i also went to the hardware manager and clicked update driver and it kept saying suitable driver cannot be found even though I am certain I have the correct driver :-s I have uninstalled the driver and the card and it still wont give me any joy when i try to reinstall it! i have no idea why at all!
The thing with aol broadband is it says to put the cd in for the step by step instructions on what to do but the cd wont read at all! just keeps saying setup.exe will now close. and it says not to do anything with the modem until all the aoftware has been installed :-s and it even has stickers over the back which are not to be removed until the software is up and running! I think if we can cancel the contract and send everything back and say it doesnt work then id quite like to go with wanadoo or another broadband provider thats supports apple!

  Diemmess 16:24 21 Feb 2005

Don't fret about W2k it is a very sound system and is almost certainly installed correctly. It stops a bit short of the all singing all dancing XP but has little of the latter's bloat about it and a host of drivers which you will no longer have to search for.

  laura e 16:30 21 Feb 2005

so shud i search the windows 2000 disk for drivers? i am sure i have the correct driver though, the iinstallation wizard just wont continue with the installation and it wont seem to recognise it as a valid compatible driver. Might this be due to the fact that the S3 trio 3d/sx video card is quite old now? I wouldnt of thought so though!

  Diemmess 16:30 21 Feb 2005

One post behind (as always)........
Perhaps there is something wrong with the setup of W2000....... If it was installed over the top of the old ME, its not too late to consider reformat and a clean installation.

If you are still inside 7 days with Aol, you can cancel, but I feel your troubleshooting needs to achieve a sweet running system video, cd and all - before worrying about ISPs

  laura e 16:38 21 Feb 2005

yeah someone suggested that to me, a full reformatting and reinstalling everything so I think that may be my only option. I will have to make sure that I have EVERYTHING important saved first!! Hmm AOL disconnected our dial up and connected us to Broadband last monday so maybe if we ring them up tonight and say look it isnt working, they might let us cancel! hopefully! Cos its a 12 month contract and id much rather have a boradband provider that lets me work on apples!!

thanks! laura!

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:32 21 Feb 2005

re graphic have you tryed removing card from device man the reinstalling it

  laura e 00:25 23 Feb 2005

yup done that too!! :-s altho now it is actually recognising that it should be looking for an s3 trio 3d graphics driver. it is just a problem with the installation. it just kept saying unable to complete installation. please check the progress log in your windows directory which i eventually found but it didnt say anything helpful! i realised though, the reason i originally couldnt find this file was because i was looking in the wrong folder! i realised today i still have all the windows me files saved on the computer even though it is running windows 2000 now!! might this be a cause of my problems? i am scraed to delete with windows me folder though because it was by deleting files last time that made the computer mess up in the first place!!

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