VGA / Audio cables

  sac1600 11:20 17 Apr 2015

Have Lenovo laptop and Technika TV both approx 3 years old. wish to connect pc to tv. Bought HDMI cable which doesnt fit. Believe need VGA + Audio cable. Are there particular cables I need ? or does one size fit all ?? Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 17 Apr 2015

Check connections on both machines VGA is marked as PC input on my Tecknica its a blue D sub connection.

Laptop should have a similar socket

Guide here links in guide will show you all the cables you need.

  bumpkin 12:09 17 Apr 2015

* Bought HDMI cable which doesnt fit.*

If you could explain more clearly then we can look at the options.

  sac1600 12:23 17 Apr 2015

The ends of the HDMI cable did not fit any sockets on my pc or tv

  bumpkin 12:46 17 Apr 2015

Is that because they are not HDMI sockets or because they are the wrong size HDMI sockets or the cable is the wrong gender.

  bumpkin 12:55 17 Apr 2015

Do you have the manuals for either so that you can find out what sockets you have.

  sac1600 13:25 17 Apr 2015

User manual shows NO HDMI socket foe my model but there is a VGA female socket !!

  bumpkin 14:15 17 Apr 2015

OK then, FruitBats link gives you all the alternatives and there is a video to have a look at.

  bumpkin 17:16 17 Apr 2015

If you have no HDMI socket then why did you buy a HDMI cable.

  sac1600 20:44 17 Apr 2015

Bought it on bad advice but have learnt my lesson. Thank you Fruit Bat thank you Bumpkin for your advice. Now understand what I need. Again many thanks

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