Very Wary of Linux

  speedbird_zero1 21:40 15 Feb 2009

Should I be?
I am going to buy a net book and the difference in price between one with Linux (Ubuntu) and MS XP is quite considerable.
I use a Mac as my main computer and a Vista laptop to be mobile.So i know nothing at all about Linux. Are there any things i should be frightened of? will it network ok with other OS's.
I will be using the netbook for just surfing away from home. I will not be 'working on it although i might do a small spreadheet or letter occasionally which as it will have a small SSD will be saved to a memory stick.
Should I go with Linux or pay the extra for MS. (i know what both my wallet and conscience says) but i would appreciate your advice.
Thank you

  octal 21:59 15 Feb 2009

It's a pity you can't borrow one to test, for what you want to use it for it will be perfect. I've been using Linux for years and have no problems with it at all, I'm seriously thinking of getting one of those little notebooks to take on holiday with me next time I go, amongst other uses. It will network perfectly OK with other systems.

  peter99co 22:28 15 Feb 2009

All that is stopping me from getting one is not knowing if a '3' broadband dongle will install and operate.

I would buy asus ee machine (around £180)

  LastChip 22:31 15 Feb 2009

If you're used to using a MAC, Linux will seem almost like second nature.

OSX is a derivative of BSD and Linux is sort of a long lost cousin of BSD. Visually, they are similar and both have their roots in Unix.

Will it network with other systems? Yes, providing you use samba.

Like octal, I've been a user of Linux for some time and I now avoid Windows as much as I can. That says it all really!

  PSF 22:31 15 Feb 2009

click here why don't you download it and try. With this version it runs from cd and so you can try it and not worry about installing it with a dual boot system. When you are finished log off shut down reboot and go back to your normal system.

  Ozy 23:26 15 Feb 2009

on different computers, i use PClinuxOS, kubuntu,and a live, Mepis on my Vista computer.
i find Linux plain and easy to use,i have never had it freeze on me,i think it is very basic,
its like going back to Windows 98SE, but without the worry of viruses, and freezes

  Ozy 23:32 15 Feb 2009

you will get help, if anything puzzles you,
from this forum, i did when i started
especially from Last Chip

  Forum Editor 23:48 15 Feb 2009

you should be aware that your phone provider's USB broadband stick will almost certainly not work.

When I got my hands on my first EeePC I discovered that Linux didn't want to know about my T-Mobile broadband stick, and T-Mobile didn't want to know about Linux. I very quickly installed Windows XP and was surfing within 5 minutes.

  speedbird_zero1 02:51 16 Feb 2009

Thank you all so very much, you views and expertise is much appreciated. One thing i did not point out is that i will not be using a mobile phone dongle but 802 wifi.

If any one is further interested Dell have a £50 off sale till the 25th Feb bringing these netbooks to £229 delivered.

About the T Mobile thing, I was looking at the weekend in the T Mob shop and they were Giving ASUS EeePC netbooks with their dongle, whilst in Vodafone it was the Dell, but without a dongle, the sim card is carried in a little slot on the book so no sticky out bit.
Once again many many thanks....I'm off to get me a LINUX.


  DieSse 09:48 16 Feb 2009

I've got an Elonex Onet+ click here

It's no speed demon, but has all you want for the "away from home" thing.

Wi-fi - USB ports - SD card port - LAN port - headphone sockets. It runs a version of Linux that could not be simpler to use - easier than XP for the jobs you want. Includes WP and Spreadsheet compatible with standard office suites - enen an electronic book reader.

As I say - no speed demon, but why spend more?

  DieSse 09:52 16 Feb 2009

"O ye of little patience" ;-))

Loads of information on the web about getting wireless sticks working on Linux. I've got two people in out computer club that have them working fine.

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