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  Nelmon2k 19:35 08 Jun 2004

Right I have a windows 3.1 machine. I lately decided that because ages ago we upgraded the hard drive that i should goto windows 95. I put in the cd but because it was a cd we got with out next pc and was for distribution with a new pc only it asked for a upgrade disk instead. I know it isn't really strictly legal but i decided since we were no longer using 95 on any other pc and i can't buy another copy anywhere it didn't really matter. aI then formatted my hard drive so that the disk couldn't see that and version of windows was installed.

  Nelmon2k 19:35 08 Jun 2004

My only problem now is that my cd drive won't run so i'm stuck with DOS at the mo. i've got the original driver disk that came with the pc but it doesn't reconise that either of the two drivers on the disk are the right ones. I've checked on several driver searching sites to try and find the right drivers for it but it still won't work. I know this is kind of difficult question as most sane people stopped using machines that originally ran 3.1 about 9 years ago but thankyou in advance if you can help

  Belatucadrus 19:43 08 Jun 2004

click here try using ultimate boot disk, it has generic CD rom drivers so should be OK to reload your W95 with.

  Nelmon2k 21:07 08 Jun 2004

i've now narrowed down the problem, i tryed your suggestion and have also downloaded multiple other generic drivers and it still won't work. Every time it says something like no cd-rom drive found. I'm starting to wonder if its something internal. The light flashes on the cd-rom drive and i can open and close it. Is the power supply to the cd-rom connected through the same bit that the information runs through. Thanks

  QuickHare 21:18 08 Jun 2004

The problem stems from three sources:

1. The drivers are wrong. The "ultimate boot disk" mentioned earlier was a different to the usual boot disks I see. Try finding someone with a Windows 98 boot disk, or someone running Win98. From there you can create a boot disk which is much better than Win95, can recognise CD-ROM drives well and works 100% with Win95.

2. The IDE cable isn't in right. The power seems fine, but the IDE cable (the long, flat one) isn't in right. Could have been knocked, loose or plugged in wrong. Check it if possible.

3. Your drive isn't a standard IDE type. It could be SCSI or USB, or some other connection. If this is the case, either find drivers that can cope or get a drive that is IDE/EIDE.

That's my bit. Comments, anyone?

  broggs 21:33 08 Jun 2004

I had this problem with an old 486 pc (my first pc which I inherited from work)
I tried everything for at least a month every night.
I eventually found an ide driver board in another pc which they were throwing out and it worked first time.
The cd rom drive did not seem to want to be connected to the motherboard ide sockets.

  johnsims 21:36 08 Jun 2004

You are testing the memory here, but I think the generic CD driver is/was called mscdex.exe and it needs to be set as a device in the autoexec.bat file as so:
device=c:\mscdex.exe where the file exists in the root of the C: drive
download this driver from here click here

I would secoond the advice from Quickhare to check the cable. The IDE slots on older PCs were not as foolproof as today's and often dable and slot did not have the lug and cutout. Just remember the red wire goes to pin 1 and you should be OK.

  johnsims 21:37 08 Jun 2004

oops! for dable read Cable. Dyslexic finger tips!

  johnsims 21:37 08 Jun 2004

oops! for dable read Cable. Dyslexic finger tips!

  ricvic 21:40 08 Jun 2004

I had a similar problem with a friends aged Packard Bell PC - something to do with the way in which the CD connects to the motherboard. THe CD did not even report in BIOS.

I got round it by taking the drive out, installing it as slave into another PC, copying the Win95 folder from the CD (in the new PC) onto the drive, replacing the drive in the aged PC, booting into DOS and running the windows setup.exe file.

Try it!

  woodchip 21:44 08 Jun 2004

You have to go into bios and Detect the Drives before you can do anything as it's a old COMP. Let me know if it then finds the CD drive

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