Very, very slow laptop.

  rizlo29 15:34 16 Feb 2010


I'm trying to sort my sisters laptop out. It is so slow it takes around five minutes to even open control panel.

The laptop is old but not that old as she bought it fully installed with windows xp.

Surely computers weren't this slow back in the day. Ive only ever had one laptop (a relatively new one) so don't know how fast her machine should be running.

What can i do to sort the problem. And will it be easier sorting it through remote access or does that still work to her laptops speed or mine?

Please help, it's frustratingly slow, there must be something wrong.


  Technotiger 15:44 16 Feb 2010

First thing is to try and find out if anything is hogging the CPU - Press Ctrl/Alt/Del then look under the Processes tab, the only item that should be showing a high % number is System Idle Process near the bottom of the list. Make a note of anything else that is showing a high % usage.

  rizlo29 16:00 16 Feb 2010


processors 26

cpu usage goes up to 13 % max

system idle is high but all rest 4 % max

also got a dialog box... virtual memory running low?


  Technotiger 16:08 16 Feb 2010

CPU looks OK.

Next step, follow the advice in this thread click here let me know if it makes any difference.

  retep888 16:21 16 Feb 2010

She probably needs more RAM as well and can you find out how much RAM it's installed, nowaday 1 GB RAM is ideal for a XP machine.

Disk space is running low,try running Ccleaner click here to do some house cleaning, back up important files first just in case.

  rizlo29 16:37 16 Feb 2010 only has 224mb of RAM. What rip off. I can remember her paying about £400 - 500 for it too a few years back. Why did they make a lappy and have XP installed if the PC is incompatible?

Ive configured it to perform better rather than best appearance. It looks dull and boring, but it is working as fast as mine now? Is there anything else I can do? She is going to buy a new lappy, but I'm going to have this as my second laptop. Is it worth buying RAM or is XP going to be unsupported soon?

I guess if I buy more RAM it will be OK unless they ditch XP?

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

  Technotiger 16:43 16 Feb 2010

Up the RAM, should be ok with XP for quite a while yet, I am also using XP.

  Technotiger 16:45 16 Feb 2010

PS - just as a matter of interest, some people are still using Win'98 without problems!!

  rizlo29 17:01 16 Feb 2010


And how much RAM will I be able to fit? And would it be better if I installed Linux? Or how do I get windows 98? Is there a website ore do you need disk.

  retep888 17:02 16 Feb 2010

<< only has 224mb of RAM. What rip off>>

Not really, I've seen XP laptops with only 128 MB Ram installed.Got to find out whether it's SDRam or DDR1 Ram first and extra 512 MB will make a lot of difference.
click here SDRam

click here DDR1 Ram

  Technotiger 17:09 16 Feb 2010

Forget '98, I only quoted that as an example!

What make/model is the laptop?

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