Very, very slow bootup?

  Housten 13:02 30 Aug 2011

Good afternoon,

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what stupidity I have committed!

I have spent a substantial chunk of the weekend, yesterday and this morning 'tidying' up my desktop. I had a lot of programmes that could do the same job so I decided to dlete the others, but NOT the file I downloaded and installed them from. If I need to install them in the future I have the file ready to go! So I thought I had been quite good and - if I am honest - a bit clever, but in a way it now seems to have blown up in my face!

I had to re-boot the computer and I noticed that there was the same problem as I had on boot up this morning. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit and everything goes quite well until the four colours appear, then the icons 'twitch' [ I think that's the best explanation ], they go white and a second later revert to what they should be. I use avast and have a clock, temperature and sky news from 'ms gadgets' on my desktop, but these are now taking almost 2 minutes to appear, whereas they used to appear after about 15 - 20 seconds. and until they appear the computer is almost useless. I ran 'msconfig' and only have 4 programmes at start up, and these have been the same for at least a couple of weeks, so why the slow start up completely baffles me and I would be very grateful if anyone has an idea of what I have done wrong, AND what I need to do to get the computer ready to go in the time it used to take.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  birdface 13:26 30 Aug 2011

You could go into safe mode and try last good configuration or system repair in same mode.

  Housten 14:01 30 Aug 2011


Many thanks for your reply. I don't want to have to go back to the last good configuration unless I really have to, as this will negate all the tidying up I have done. However your other suggestion of system repair does appeal, my only problem is : How? What do I have to do to start this and see it through? Any advice/help/information will all be gratefully received.

  birdface 14:12 30 Aug 2011

It is a while since I used it and it is fairly straight forward and if I remember right it only asks you to set the keyboard back to UK.

  woodchip 14:44 30 Aug 2011

I would say that it due to you removing the Programs incorrectly, You did say you deleted them! if that is so the Registry will still list these and windows may be looking for them at start

  Housten 15:20 30 Aug 2011


Many thanks, again. whilst I had lunch I was thinking about my problem, and I thought that I would try running 'WinASO' which I did over the weekend. I went through 'Registry Cleaner', 'System Optimiser' and 'Registry Defrag', then rebooted - same result! So I started looking at system repair, and went through some of the options - nothing seemed to look like the problem and then I came across 'Windows Experience Index'. Now my computer is over 4.5 years old and is only a dual core, but it has always had a score of 5.5, but the screen was showing that there had been a change and it should be re-run. This I did, and was gob smacked to get a score of 4.8. I couldn't see why initially but then I remembered that I had installed a new Nvidia screen driver programme, which was the only thing that changed on the system side of things. So I am now going to get on the Nvidia web site and see if I can leave a query for them, because I am fairly certain when I either downloaded or installed their 'update' there was a comment on 3D for the screen. Well I am fairly confident that my screen will not handle 3D and I assumed that this would be ignored - but now I am not so certain and will wait to see what Nvidia say. The worst point is that I have gone and deleted the previous 'update' and can not now revert to the old one! On the other hand it might have nothing to do with the speed decrease in which case I think I am/will be lumbered with the slow start up.

  proudfoot 15:53 30 Aug 2011

I have recently restored to Factory Image and my HP Pavillion PC takes an age to boot up. When I switch on it goes through the post OK and then I get a blank screen with a curser blinking top left had side of screen. This gradially after a few mins. drops a bit then another few mins delay blinking and drops again. I think it does this once again and then I get the screen with the Microsoft Copyright page and the small image running across the middle the screen. Finally after about 4-5 mins the desktop loads with some of the software gradually starting up. As far as I can recall the PC has done this from new. It is most annoying and that is one reason I boot up in the morning and don't shut down till evening.

  Housten 16:18 30 Aug 2011


Good God!! And I thought mine was bad!! I don not know anything like enough to suggest anything, but I would urge you to try 'WinASO' this does a lot and trying it out I would think couldn't do any harm!! [ Famous last words, I know! ].

May I further suggest that you ask a question, even if you don't get any replies, because the breadth and depth of knowledge shown/displayed/given in these forums can only be described as awesome. I used to worry about looking silly/stupid/thick but realised that getting my computer running smoothly and quickly was a lot more important than my ego. It really has to be worth asking a question/having a go in order to get your computer booting anything like 'normal', which - I would humbly suggest - yours certainly does not!

  badhair1963 17:01 30 Aug 2011

Download and run Glary Utilities to see if that sorts out your problems. Failing that, a system restore to a date before you started messing about might help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 30 Aug 2011

The more registry cleaners you use the more likely you will create even more / bigger problems.

I suggest you run a Startup repair from your W7 DVD or from Advanced Tools menu see here

  Housten 11:35 01 Sep 2011

Good morning,

Just a quick update, to show you what's going on! I contacted Nvidia and have had a couple [ three ? ] of email exchanges with them. As we are having our best friends over for the day nothing will get done, but I will re-start tomorrow and I will see what happens then. as soon as there is more news I will let you know!

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