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Very, very simple spreadsheet

  dagbladet 12:34 15 May 2007

Notwithstand the subject title, I admit I don't know how to achieve what I need.

Which is, the club has a budget of £500, when I make a purchase of stationary for £30, I would like to see the running total now read £470. I've looked at the download section and I have Excel. I just don't know where to start. Any ideas please?

  recap 12:41 15 May 2007

If I understand you correctly dagbladet, you do not know how to use Excel, is that correct?

  dagbladet 12:43 15 May 2007

Spot on.

  recap 12:46 15 May 2007

If you send me your email address - via yellow envelope - I can send you some modules for beginners on Excel. I wrote these a souple of years ago and should be still current and give you the gist of Excel.

  recap 12:46 15 May 2007

eh? that should read 'couple'

  chub_tor 12:55 15 May 2007

If you have Excel it is very easy. In its very simplest form.
Open Excel into a new spreadsheet.

Label Column A1 as Purchases Label Column B1 as Balance.

In Cell B2 enter 500 (you should really format all the cells from A2 and B" downwards to show Currency or Accounting where you will get the option to have the £ sign and the number of decimal places added automatically) You can foprmat cells by highlighting them then right mouse click and select Format Cells...

In cell A3 enter the amount you have spent 30 and in cell b3 enter b2-a3. The result will be the difference between the two cells and this will automatically be shown in A3 when you move to a new cell or click enter

You can continue to do this for each successive purchase each time changing the difference cell to be B2 minus the appropriate a cell.

There are a lot of ways to make this table more useful and of course more complicated, but as you use Excel you will discover these. Help really is helpful

  dagbladet 13:04 15 May 2007

recap, thanks i'll do that shortly. First I'm going to follow chub_tor instructions step-by-step and see if I can do it.

I may be gone some time...

  dagbladet 13:11 15 May 2007

So far - so good, but when I entered b2-a3 in cell b3 and clicked on a new cell, b3 simply showed b2-a3 and not £470.

  dagbladet 13:23 15 May 2007

OK that worked. b3 now shows £470. Do I have to do the =sum() formula every time?

  dagbladet 13:40 15 May 2007

Wow that worked!...except I now have the remaining balance showing in every cell in the whole of the 'b' column.

  wee eddie 13:55 15 May 2007

single step.

Good luck dagbladet

You may be able to find a template that will do almost everything you need but what you appear to wish to create is a simple Cash Book which should not be to difficult after the first couple of lessons

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