Very Very new to web design ,need advise

  Boy Zone 13:35 27 Oct 2003

Hi to you all, I am very new to web design. Have been playing with Dreamweaver MX now for about 2 months, managed to construct some web pages, but what I would love to do is have my index page with graphics rather than just a picture. I thought I could do this using Adobe photoshop but I'm stuck. Having reviewed some of the help furum web designs, I would be too embarrassed to ask for your opinion on my first attempt. I have the basic knowledge, but lack the know-how of how to design backgrounds for pages. Any advise would be appreciated.


  [DELETED] 14:55 27 Oct 2003

To begin with, welcome to the WebDesign forum !

No question you could ask will be ridiculed: at the end of the day we all started somewhere and I shudder to think back to my first sites...

A coupe of links to point you to resources on web page backgrounds are as follows:

click here

click here

A tiled background is normally your best best to begin with, since a small image tile (a square) is repeated over the entire page. The small image means it downloads faster and Dreamweaver can easily use it to cover a whole page.

Beware of using one large image for your web page backgrounds. They take ages to download and if you have descriptive text on your page the background image can often detract from it.

If you get stuck, pop back in and ask some specific questions and one of us will try and help further.

One final note, many professional web designers stay away from backgound images entirely. Many of use prefer a standard white page background with a selection of well presented text paragraphs and high quality pictures for page content.

Just a thought.

Good luck with it



  [DELETED] 15:03 27 Oct 2003

I am new to this all too

but i like this link, give it a try

click here

  Boy Zone 20:14 27 Oct 2003

Thanks for your help.
As you say, you have to start somewhere. Well now its those dark nights and not much on tv its practise time on Dreamweaver.
One thing for certain "I'll be back"



  Forum Editor 22:28 27 Oct 2003

but you're not alone. Come here when you need help or constructive criticism, and don't be worried about how amateurish your first attempts might look. I can well remember my first site - what a mess it was, and how long it took to make even the smallest alterations.

As Taran says, consider having a plain white background. You would think it pretty weird if you were given say, a book about football, and it had yellow text on grass-green pages. Likewise with a web site. Many people feel compelled to use a fancy background, simply because they can, but most modern information sites will have plain white, or at the very most a pale, plain colour.

Finally, take a look at this
click here It's a DreamWeaver tutorial for beginners. It's based on DreamWeaver 3 but don't be deterred if you have a different version, the basics will apply anyway.

We'll look forward to hearing from you again when you're ready.

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