User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 18:23 15 May 2003

Having installed the Buffalo Airstation 54G (802.11g) in a home network the cardbus works fine at all speeds including 54Mbps. However, the reason for purchase was due to the backwards compatibility with 802.11b which is the network that I use at University.

When attempting to connect to the university network, the card will “see” the network but will not connect despite all protocols and WEP keys having been double checked. When the card has connected (rarely - maybe three times in all)a ping test shows that almost every other packet is dropped and then the entire connection will fail.

The problem becomes bizarre when I try the card in another laptop - when it works perfectly, in fact, I have installed this card in two laptops and both connect to the university network first time and show full strength signals!!! Indeed, the fault does not seem to exist at all on the card when used in other laptops!

HOWEVER, reinstall it into my laptop and again it will refuse to connect!

However, I recommended that a friend of mine purchase the same card (Buffalo WLI-CB-G54) as I will shortly be installing an Airstation in his home, we therefore were able to test an identical card in my computer and when I install his Buffalo card into my laptop it works perfectly!!! (Showing that the configuration of the laptop settings are ok).

Buffalo have sent me the latest client manager software and latest drivers – these have been installed but will the problem remains.

So to summerise;

My card Will not work in my laptop but will work in at least two other laptops (one Toshiba and one Dell – both running the same operating system, Win XP Home with Service pack 1).

My friends Buffalo card (same model) will work in my laptop with no problems.

The University recommended cards (Orinoco Silver) will all work in my laptop.

My card, when used on my home network in my laptop will connect to the Airstation router perfectly at all speeds (11Mbps and 54Mbps) and with WEP enabled and with limited MAC address access.

My Card will NOT work in MY laptop to connect to the university network but WILL work in other laptops.

What I cannot understand is why another Buffalo card will work in my laptop when mine refuses to do so? The software and drivers are the same so cannot be an issue and if there were an incompatibility issue with the setup of my laptop, then the second Buffalo card would not work - which is does!!

Thoughts anyone?????

  fitshase 18:37 15 May 2003

Easy solution - swap your card with your friend's!

As for why it is happening, it might be a freak problem and you should send it back to the retailer and ask for a new one.



  recap 18:39 15 May 2003

Strange very strange???

Could you try exchangning the card for a different one from were you purchased it? As clearly it will not work on the machine you bought it for.

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