very strange one

  chrisjohn 20:28 25 Jan 2006

no music on my pc,copied and paste 200 songs of cd into my music folder,all ok.when i do search/music it finds 400 songs,2 of everything if i delete 200 which should leave me 200,everything gets deleted.ANY IDEAS

  chrisjohn 21:01 25 Jan 2006

when i delete 1 song,the file says was 400 now 398,in the rec bin it shows only 1 file deleted,

  eqskey 21:12 25 Jan 2006

Try doing it another way
Explore the CD->highlight all the songs(use shift and up/down arrow keys)->click FOLDERS on top bar->then choose Copy The Selected Items(on the left of screen;click Folders again if not shown.->give a destination for the copy

  chrisjohn 21:36 25 Jan 2006

iv deleted all songs of my pc,downloaded 1 song,did search,music folders,it comes up with 2 songs,it looks like its being duplicated somehow,any ideas.

  chrisjohn 21:48 25 Jan 2006


  chrisjohn 21:58 25 Jan 2006


  chrisjohn 22:11 25 Jan 2006

if i turn off search subfolders,it only finds the 1 song,what does subfolders mean,ect

  VoG II 22:15 25 Jan 2006

Subfolders are folders within folders. Have you tried simply restarting your PC?

  chrisjohn 22:30 25 Jan 2006

still same

  VoG II 22:32 25 Jan 2006

How exactly did you copy and paste these files onto your computer.

  chrisjohn 22:40 25 Jan 2006

my music folder is in my documents folder,if i put this folder on desktop,everything is ok,if i put it bk in documents,we have duplicate files,

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