Very Strange Goings On

  Nancy166 22:19 13 Jul 2005

I bought BT Caller Display Unit which wouldn't work. I rang BT a couple of times and after waiting what seemed forever finally spoke to a guy who seemed to have problems understanding why I wanted a Caller Display Unit and what the problem was. By this time and after a large number of press one, two, three etc, I was about ready to hang myself. I asked if Broadband could affect the unit and he didn't think so but I decided to check and disconnected Broadband and it worked...the Unit I mean. Only problem was, I then lost Broadband. Kept being told to reinstall software. Finally I managed to get it back but I still have the same problem....the two clash. Any bright soul know how to solve this problem before I completely lose it and throw the Unit in the bin?????



  woodchip 22:22 13 Jul 2005

are you using a filter. or it may be faulty

  SANTOS7 22:36 13 Jul 2005

Caller Display Unit - CD50 & CD1500
Not a service but a device used to display the telephone number of incoming calls. Possibly other Caller Display Units are also incompatible, BT are still investigating.
click here
statement taken from link, if yours is one of the two shown it may well be a compatability issue...

  bof:) 00:01 14 Jul 2005

Hi Molly S, have you got the caller id option set up with your BT phone package? I know that when I purchased my caller id box from BT we also had to have caller id option switched on at BT's end. This may still apply.


  Nancy166 17:03 14 Jul 2005

Hi Guys,
Many thanks for your help.Yes I'm all connected at BT...checked twice. This morning the device worked but I didn't have the computer on so not sure if the problem is solved. If it is then I have no idea how I did it apart from installing AOL software as instructed. If it isn't then ???????????



  Nancy166 18:18 15 Jul 2005

I'm back again...the puzzle still unsolved. BT have tested the line and the Caller Display connection and everything is fine except when I switch the computer on! I can only assume therefore that the filter on the ADSL is not doing the job and the two, that is the Caller Display and and Broadband are not compatible. When I mentioned that apparently BT are investigating other CD's the engineer had no idea. A bit odd. So if anyone out there comes up with ways round this apart from switching either off....I'd be grateful. I would like my Caller Display to do just that!



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