very sluggish computer

  palinka 15:13 05 Oct 2003

Trying to set up my friend's computer so that it is easy to use. Discovered that it is very, very sluggish. Then found my laptop, running XP, has 224 MB Ram. His, running same OS, has only 112MB. So I suspect that's the problem.
Any suggestions please about anything I can tweak to impprove things.

  palinka 15:20 05 Oct 2003

that he really uses it only for email/Internet. Tho he has Works he has no printer so unlikely to use Word I suppose - could that be uninstalled ?(and put back if he ever needed it).
Does XPs habit of putting into the first column of the Start menu the programs you use most often make any dirfference to boot-up speed? Cos apart from things I've mentioned he frequently uses MS Autoroute and an Encyclopaedia - both need a lot of memory.

  -pops- 15:46 05 Oct 2003

The first thing I would do is a Disk Cleanup then a Defragmentation.

Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools and you will see both items listed. Click on Disk cleanup and follow the instructions. Repeat with defragmentation. If thes processes have not been done before, they can take a long time to complete.

Note the itmes in the "most used" list are just that - the most used programs. No, or little, influence on Startup speed, I don't think.

  Lozzy 15:54 05 Oct 2003

You have mentioned the ram but not what processor age and type of BIOS.

  DieSse 15:56 05 Oct 2003

112Mb is not enough to run XP successfully. The best tweak you can do is to tweak some extra RAM in.

  palinka 16:31 05 Oct 2003

so I can't, alas, follow your advice DieSse. I'lldo what Pops suggests and see if htat haas any noticeable effect.
It's a Mobile AMD Athlon .

  powerless 16:37 05 Oct 2003

Laptop RAM can be upgraded (mostly) by yourself... You Just have to check.

I would turn off all of XP's Features.

Stop every program from starting at startup.

  palinka 16:41 05 Oct 2003

can you explain in a bit more detail, please, Powerless: Turn off all XPs features? Stop every program....?

  powerless 16:48 05 Oct 2003

When you see XP its looks nice eh? Well it takes a little memory to do all of that. Turning them of will give you some memory back.

To be honest not much but as you seem to low it, you need all you can get. The downside is that XP will look like a 98 desktop.

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Settings (first one) > Click the circle next to "Adjust for best performance" Click ok.

You'll now see the look of XP "Change".

Now go to start > Run > Type:


Click ok

Now click STARTUP up at the top. Now you should see a list, remove all the ticks in the boxes and then click ok. Restart the machine.

  palinka 21:58 05 Oct 2003

Thanks, Powerless; I've done that; don't know if he'll like the change. Have to wait & see!

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