Very slow XP computer (different!!)

  tigger2406 13:59 04 Jan 2003
  tigger2406 13:59 04 Jan 2003

Right, I've got this computer. It's an MV, Athlon 2100+, 512Mb DDR, 120Gb HD (2x60), runs XP. However, just recently I've noticed that sometimes it slows right down, almost like it's doing something without telling me... OK it doesn't go down to 486 speed, but it is a significant difference. The problem is not just when I'm on my 56K connection either.

Obviously, any PC will take time to open huge files or big folders, for instance asking it for 'All Audio' in Media Player... but at times it's ridiculous. I've managed to crash Windows Explorer by asking it to open a 15Mb folder, and Yahoo Messenger also seems particularly affected (it often crashes on login or when I try to disconnect my webcam).

Before you all start... both hard drives have been fully defragged, and are so frequently. The C drive / programs is 68% free and E / files and stuff is 37% free. (so 20Gb left!) I empty my temp files like a good boy. I have the ZA freebie firewall, and PC-Cillin virus checker running at all times (on auto update), so I shouldn't have any viruses, in theory...

Anyway, it might sound like I'm being daft, and obviously it will slow down a bit as the disks fill up a bit, but if there's anything anyone might know, I'd be interested to hear. Thanks in advance...

  muppetmark 14:03 04 Jan 2003

Suggestions do you have MS office with findfast enabled, or is disc indexing service running when it slows down like this?

  Joe McG 14:11 04 Jan 2003


have you tried changing the swapfile size to 1Gb (minimum and maimum).?
this will speed things up a bit. Also if your drives are C & E, what has happened to "D".

  Joe McG 14:12 04 Jan 2003

Duh.....make that maximum.

  tigger2406 14:20 04 Jan 2003

Mark - What is findfast exactly? I always click the 'make future searches faster' button after looking for something, but the slowdown isn't when I'm searching, usually just when opening something. And, er, what's the disk indexing service? Presumably the way it speeds up searches?

Joe - Swapfile size...I presume you mean the pagefile. It says here it's 1.22 Gb already. Total virtual memory 1.72 Gb. So enough, I'd guess. The D drive is there, it's a partition of C for system restore stuff (a Multivision thing.)

  muppetmark 14:41 04 Jan 2003

Findfast is a 'ms office' component to help with searching for office files you have created. Indexing is a background app to help you with future searches and is a bit of a resource hog to find put if it is running you can go to start> control panel > admin tools then d/click on services and have a look thru your services to see what is running automatically there are a few you can set to manual or disable have a look at this site click here

  worf 14:42 04 Jan 2003


Go here and scroll down the page it tells you what all the services are and what they are for and whether you need them or not and how to disable them. If you do disable any of them make a note of the ones you have disabled in case you hit any snags then you can put it back to how it was.

Just to add on to what muppetmark indexing service:
Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language.
Basically, Find Fast does the same. They are both system hogs and always kick in when you least need them. You probably have noticed you could be sat at your PC and you HDD is whirring like mad, thats Indexing kicking in.

click here

  exbrat67 14:47 04 Jan 2003

I have also had this problem on a MV Athlon1333 and found changing the swap file to 1 gig largely cured the problem. As I do quite a bit of video and audio I have moved must of my connections to the front of the computer. Thinking that the large number of cables passing through the case may effect the cooling I replaced the HD ribbon cable with a round cable,(Maplin ZP38R) to my suprise the computer runs noticably faster, opening files is faster and flight simulator is much improved.

  tigger2406 14:52 04 Jan 2003

There might be something here.. will take a little time to look at though, there's about 30 things running, not all of which show on the Processes bit of task manager. I'd already been thru msconfig and disabled a load of stuff, here we go again...

Thanks guys, any other suggestions?

  AL D. 14:56 04 Jan 2003

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