Very slow whilst using XP Pro

  [DELETED] 18:42 07 Dec 2003

I have my hardrive split in two with ME on one and XP Pro on the other. The problem is when using XP it seems to take a lot longer than ME when I open something up like OE or IE, which seems strange cos' I thought XP was alot better than ME.

The spec of my computer is as follows in case it helps:-

Athlon XP 2000+
120 GB (split 50/50)
512 DDR

  gold 47 21:56 07 Dec 2003

Have you used scandisk on XP? that will show if you require to defrag also have you checked the event log for errors not much help but i had the same problem with XP Home in my case it was a driver problem.Are you running Fat32 for XP Pro?

  [DELETED] 18:01 08 Dec 2003

I have used scandisk and defragged recently but it is still slow. I am running XP Pro on NTFS. I also have minimal things working in the background, by doing msconfig and selective startup.

  [DELETED] 18:40 08 Dec 2003

Will it work quicker if I change it to FAT32 like the 'C' drive?

  [DELETED] 18:00 09 Dec 2003


  [DELETED] 18:07 09 Dec 2003

XP is more resourceful than Windows ME but it should still be ok on that spec.

Have you run a virus scan? click here

Run a Spyware scan? click here

Updated drivers? click here

Run a clean out of the registry using a program such as Regscrub XP which is free? click here

Have you run a health check to ensure all your hardware is in shape? Check the manufacturers site.

Have you ensured your settings are set for optimum performace?

Have you installed anything new that seems to have made it slower?

Is safe mode quicker?

  [DELETED] 18:13 09 Dec 2003

"Will it work quicker if I change it to FAT32 like the 'C' drive?"

There are no known problems with using NTFS, if not faster.

  gold 47 20:15 10 Dec 2003

I would think it is better to keep FAT32 on a dual
boot drive as WME can't see WXP because your running NTFS.You didn't say if any errors were showing in the event log!.I have found in the past
that a dual boot system looks ok when installed it may work for a time then you start getting
problems which then develop over time.

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