Very Slow start in XP

  Quilljar 09:06 01 Dec 2005

I have been happy with my computer for a couple of years. But in the last few days it has begun to behave strangely and I wonder if anyone can suggest a remedy?
It boots up normally and fairly quickly when switched on. The desktop and toolbar come up satisfactorily. I then have to wait at least eight minutes before any application will work or any folder will open. I am sure it is not a virus or adware etc as I use AVG anti-virus and clean out spyware with three different programs plus Registry mechanic I do have a lot of files/programs in my Start menu (50) but this is not new. I am quite puzzled.
When the computer finally does get going, it is as fast as normal.

  Press Man 11:40 01 Dec 2005

Try starting up in 'safe mode', open AVG and see if it takes a long time to open as before. If not then do a AVG scan and spyware scan whilst still in 'safe mode'.

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