VERY slow RAID 0 write - ICH9R

  Ahdinko 10:11 15 Apr 2008

Hi all, wondering if any of you could shed some light on a problem I'm having.

I have a Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R motherboard with the Intel ICH9R RAID chip on it.
I have Raid 0 set up over 2, 250GB Western Digital HDD's, the 2500AAKS model.
RAID is set up with default values, 128kb stripe.

However, I get HORRIBLE write performance. According to FreshDiagnose, I am getting 9.36MB/s. It's so slow my computer starts jerking on boot up and when doing HDD intensive things (running VM)

Read speed is fine, rated at 169MB/s in HD Tach (and 2250MB/s burst speed???)

I have updated the Intel chip's drivers to the lastest version from Intels site, 7.8, and have updated the BIOS to the latest version, with absolutely no performance increase.

If I put on write back caching, I get to around 14MB/s but this is still bad.

Any ideas anyone?

  Ahdinko 16:41 15 Apr 2008

Just compared speeds in HD Tach with some others.. Speeds of 2 x 74GB Raptors on RAID 0 is only 110MB/s AVG.

So my 169MB/s can't possibly be right.

Anyone know whats up?

  Ahdinko 18:17 17 Apr 2008

bump? Cmon guys, someone out there must know about RAID.

  CurlyWhirly 09:29 18 Apr 2008

I always thought that writing to a RAID 0 array is slower as there's twice as much work involved?

Reading *is* supposed to be quicker though as data can be read from either hard drive.

p.s. I ran RAID 0 (i.e. stripe) and it was nothing but hassle for me as my array regularly needed to be repaired so I packed it in.

Apparently it was due to the Promise RAID chip on my motherboard (GA-7VAXP) playing up!

  CurlyWhirly 09:41 18 Apr 2008

p.s. did you know that you are more likely to lose data on RAID 0 as in the event of *either* hard drive failing, you are in trouble?

It's important to make regular backups!

  bremner 10:09 18 Apr 2008

I am no expert on RAID speeds however 9.6 MB does seem desperately slow.

I have found this article which may be of interest as to what you could be achieving. click here

CurlyWhirley RAID 0 is a setup for speed. Data is written in blocks to alternate drives. RAID 1 is mirrored and that has slower write speeds as all data is written to both drives

  CurlyWhirly 10:19 18 Apr 2008

I know about RAID as I used to run it ;)

Even when it was working, I didn't find it much faster in practice.

I used a hard drive benchmark back then and only saw a 5-10% increase in performance but that was a few years ago and the current generation of RAID chips and/or hard drives probably perform better now.

  Ahdinko 11:23 18 Apr 2008

CurlyWhirly- I'm aware that I'm twice as likely to lose data, and thats not important to me really. Also I'm running from the Intel ICH9R chipset, which according to the internets, is awesome.

If I run a drive indivudually (not in RAID) I get a write speed of around 19MB/s and a read speed of 79MB/s.

So while I am seeing the read speed gain, I'm getting around a 50% drop in write speed rather than a 5-10% increase.

Bremner - Looking at their benchmarks, while I seem to have a much nicer read speed, my write speed is a third of theirs.

The write speeds I'm getting are so slow that when my pc starts up or I go into big emails, my pc freezes up for a few seconds.

By the way guys, just to note. I have built 4 PC's this week all with this same specification. All 4 have the same problem so its not just a defective chip/board or anything.

Anyone got any idea on how this can be improved?

  bremner 11:48 18 Apr 2008

What O/S are you running?

  Ahdinko 11:54 18 Apr 2008

Ah, thats something I forgot to mention :)

XP Pro, 32 bit.

  bremner 11:59 18 Apr 2008

I can guess the answer to this but are you setting up the RAID in the BIOS or using XP Pro?

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