Very slow PC

  Beth 12:34 06 Aug 2008

My daughter's PC has practically ground to a halt. It is in danger of leaving the premises through the nearest window! I'm using my own PC to post this and we won't be back to her home until the weekend so I won't be able to do anything but suggestions will be welcome and acted upon.

OS is XP2: HD32.9Gb with 23Gb unused: AMD Athlon 3000+.

She uses McAfee security software which scans clean. I tried PrevX which also came up clean. I gave scannow a try and that was OK.

The only thing different is on the Task Manager. With the applications window empty the CPU history and the PF history are both busy. On my PC they are more or less flatlined.

Closing down the internet results in the screen emptying slowly from the top.

I hope that's enough info and any help will be appreciated.

  Clapton is God 12:44 06 Aug 2008

When did she last do some basic PC housekeeping?

Such as uninstalling all those programs she never uses, using click here to get rid of the crap, defragging the HDD and using msconfig to disable all those processes/programs which DON'T need to run at startup.

  Beth 13:00 06 Aug 2008

We've had a go at the basic housekeeping but we've had to do it over the last few weeks because it takes so long to do anything. She doesn't use the PC for much. Just downloads photographs and uses Messenger to keep in touch with her boyfriend who works overseas.

  oldbeefer2 13:43 06 Aug 2008

How much RAM is fitted, as XP really needs 1Gb. You could also try RegscrubXP click here, which I use alongside CCleaner.

  Beth 14:57 06 Aug 2008

I'll check the RAM and take it from there. Thanks to both.

  birdface 16:04 06 Aug 2008

If an oldish computer check that the air vents are not clogged up with dust and fluff.If so inside will also need cleaning out.After you run C Cleaner you could download and run Winaso Optimizer[free] it only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you also does an automatic back here

  Pineman100 19:13 06 Aug 2008

Did she do anything that precipitated this slow running, or has it happened little by little over a long period?

If you are able to identify a specific event that triggered it, it might be worth using System Restore to roll back to a date before the problem started.

My father has an elderly computer that was running XP v-e-r-y slowly! I did all the usual housework on it, but this made very little difference. Finally, I did a complete hard drive reformat and reinstalled Windows. I didn't reinstall Norton Internet Security (which he was running beforehand), but I downloaded AVG Free antivirus, Comodo firewall and Windows Defender - all free.

It runs perfectly well now.

  woodchip 20:46 06 Aug 2008

I use XP Home on four Computers and only the Laptop as 1Gb ram all others are 512Mb and slower CPU than the above and mine do not run slow. The Hard Drive is the first place to start as the Drive is not what they say size wise, 32.9 take off 23 does not leave much space for windows plus if the drive is a 32.9 then it will be smaller in size so that makes it even smaller. As above you need to remove as much rubbish as you can the run Defrag

  RCMB 08:21 07 Aug 2008

Beth. This may be a McAfee problem. If you open taskmanager you will probably find that MSKSrvr.exe is running continuously, taking a lot of computer power.
I found a solution to the problem on
click here

The reply by 'Steerpike' seems to work.

I could not find the required file directly, but searched for 'spamkiller' folder and then selected the 'users' folder.

You will probably have to end process MSKSrvr.exe in the taskmanager first to make the computer useable!

There seems to be a file which continues to grow - a McAfee escapee!! The process MSKSrvr.exe is running continuously taking up all of the computers ability!. McAfee don't seem to let anyone know about this.
Good luck.

  oldbeefer2 09:58 07 Aug 2008

Fair enough, but my daughter's Evesham laptop only had 512. Increasing to 1Gb made a huge difference to speed generally.

  Beth 12:09 07 Aug 2008

Plenty there to work on. We'll drive back to her house on Sunday and I'll let you know how I get on.

buteman: The PC is only just over a year old and is in a computer stand with plenty of space so I was taking it for granted that it wouldn't need cleaned out inside, but ...... my daughter has a pet cat which uses that room as somewhere to hide when it has had enough of human company. I reckon I'll check the innards (the PC's!!) first thing.

RCMB: That McAfee thing is news and will definitely get a try.

Pineman 100: I don't know if this happened all at once or not. What I can say is that in the few weeks I've been trying to do the basics, the machine seems to be getting progressively slower.

Woodchip: I may have got the HD size wrong. I had decided to try a post here and, by the time I was taking down the details, I was pretty fed up of having to wait so long for everything to load. I'll check again properly.

I've noted everything down, including website addresses so, hopefully, something will work. I don't really want to do a reinstall if I can get away with it.

Thanks to all. I appreciate your interest.

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