Very slow, new/unused computer..?

  louboutin1 16:56 16 Sep 2014

Hi all! So basically a family member bought a new ultrabook more or less two years ago, but ended up not using it more than one or two weeks, as work provided one. (bit unlucky/lucky there). The other day, my laptop broke down, so he gave me his(which he had kind of forgotten that he had..) but now when I try to use it, it's just super slow and laggy. Impossible to even stream a youtube series in fullscreen. If I try to make a window bigger by dragging, it will leave a black trail behind, before it actually gets bigger, and when I try to change tabs in chrome it will take a second or two. I dont know how else to explain it really...I've also monitored the processes tab, and whenever I open for instance chrome it will burst from 3% CPU usage to 100 and stay there for a good 15seconds making the computer useless for that time... Certainly this cant be normal for a "new" computer like this..? System specs: Asus U36S, 8g ram, intel core i5 2430M, 2.4ghz, running w7 64bit, gforce gt520 1gb. If there's any more specific details I can provide you with, please let me know! I dont understand how it can be this "slow" compared to my 5year old laptop which was working wonders until the other day...I have tried to update the drivers for videocards, cpu etc, but it says the most recent is installed... Please help me out, Best regards!

  BRYNIT 17:32 16 Sep 2014

Even though it has only been used for a few weeks, corrupt files or a hard drive fault could be the problem.

I would create a set of restore disk if they have not been done. Restore the laptop back to factory default and then install all updates as this should eliminate any problems that could be software related. If you have a problem with the hard drive it may show when you try to reset it to factory default.

After restoring to factory default see how it works before installing anything like chrome. If it is working OK check it after you install each new program.

  wee eddie 17:51 16 Sep 2014

One wonders whether he installed and AV or any Anti Malware Software, you don't mention any?

If it has not been used for a year or more, there will be a massive number of Updates to download, which will consume much of it's resources, until it has them all safely installed.

You make no mention of the OS installed.

  BRYNIT 18:53 16 Sep 2014

wee eddie, it does say running W7 64bit in the system spec list.

  louboutin1 23:24 16 Sep 2014

Hi all! There were indeed many windows updates (79 in-fact), but they didnt seem to do the trick. I have also installed spyhunter 4 premium edition, ran both avast and avira scans and malwarebytes, but all tests came out negative. I will try to make restore discs, although i dont know how, as the laptop doesnt have a cdrom. Is it not possible to spam f9 and make it reboot to factory settings..? Also, isnt this a mess when it comes to finding all the new drivers..? Or will it be done automatically..? Also..what will happen with my Office, which came with the computer? Sorry for all the stupid questions, and thank you for all your answers!!!

  BRYNIT 00:26 17 Sep 2014

If you go to the Ausu web site you will be able to download the instruction manual, this will have helpful hints on fault finding. Also it will tell you how to access and use the recovery partition and possible how to create a recovery USB drive as you say you do not have a DVD drive.

  louboutin1 00:29 17 Sep 2014

Thank you, will try this right away :)

  hastelloy 10:09 17 Sep 2014

"ran both avast and avira scans"

You can't have 2 antivirus running at the same time.

  louboutin1 11:09 18 Sep 2014

@Marvin42, I did them seperately, thanks tho! :)

  BillSers 12:23 18 Sep 2014

You can't have 2 avs on the same os.

  wee eddie 13:33 18 Sep 2014

Perhaps a little explanation is in order: As both Marvin & Bill have said, having 2 AVs installed on the same computer will exhibit something similar to what you say you are experiencing.

Each AV will see the other as a Virus and try to restrict it and neither will be effective as an AV. As far as I know neither AV will post any Pop-ups saying what is happening.

The cure: Uninstall all but one and then reinstall that one, just in case any of its functionality has been compromised.

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