Very slow internet speed

  researcher 10:27 16 Apr 2006

Two XP PCs connected by NICs & Ethernet cables direct to to US Robotics ADSL 4-port router.

All was well with a 2MB ADSL line via Plusnet. A few months ago speeds started to drop (from a usual 200kb/sec) to less than 50kb/sec. I amd now down to 20kb/sec almost all the time. This applies to both PCs.

PLusnet have been useless with standard responses like "have you run anti-virus and anti-spyware checks (yes to both (McAfee, Adaware Plus Spybot S&D) - nothing) do you have any other internet applications running (no - have checked with Windows task manager), run the BT speedtest" - I can connect to the test site but CANNOT run the test(I have now tried on 6 seperate occasions at different times) the test response always is "Test error, system busy try again shortly but if problem persists raise with your service provider".

It has got to the stage where I can only just connect to the internet. Latest router driver has been installed (no change) and all other drivers are up to date.

Any clues please?

  hzhzhz 11:04 16 Apr 2006

This will bump you up if nothing else.

How far are you from the exchange. I would say that the farther you are outside a 4km radius will result in gradual line loss esp. as more and more people take up BB.
I dont know if BT provide such a service but you could contact them to run a test at your home. It could be that the exchange is getting over capacity.
I'm sure some other members will have some suggestions.

  spuds 11:28 16 Apr 2006

Do it yourself checks: click here click here click here

  researcher 11:59 16 Apr 2006

BT line checker says good for 8MB. My router says I'm currently on a 2MB line.

Latest from ADSLguide is
Results from broadband speed test recorded on Sunday, 16 April 2006, 11:02.
Your Connection
Direction Actual Speed True Speed (estimated)
Downstream 115 Kbps (14.4 KB/sec) 124 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 60 Kbps (7.5 KB/sec) 64 Kbps (inc. overheads)

I'm going to try turning the router off and then will try one of the other links from spuds.

  researcher 01:21 17 Apr 2006

OK, router turned off/back on and tried BT speed test line - got a result. It said 1900 odd kb/sec, great I thought. I actually got a download of 190kb/sec for a few minutes - this then reverted to 115kb/sec.

ADSL guide then reported 15kb/sec. Any thoughts?

  skidzy 08:11 17 Apr 2006

Have you thought of trying Firefox browser,at least this will determine if its a problem with internet here

Once downloaded,make sure you say no to making it your default browser.If your speeds are ok,then it would suggest IE could be hijacked.

Running this click here may find some nasties.

Also running HJT click here and posting the log here click here they will advise you if anything needs removing .

  researcher 22:23 18 Apr 2006

skidzy,my son sometimes runs Firefox and has the same problem. I could not get back before now as my speed was down to 8bps (yes 8 bits). I'll have a look at your other suggestions tomorrow.

I finally managed to run the BT test (with them as the ISP) - with a different IP address given to me by Plusnet and my average was 1850kbps. However, as soon as I logged back on with Plusnet it dropped to 120kbps. I then suggested to Plusnet that the problem lies at their end.

With this info Plusnet ran some tests last night and got the same as me! Yay, at least they now believe me. They are now investigating further.

  Stuartli 11:25 19 Apr 2006

>>this then reverted to 115kb/sec.>>

This is the level that you would get with a 1MB connection.

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