Very slow internet but fast connection

  Peter-298738 12:33 27 Jan 2011

Just recently I've had intermittent very slow page loading for no apparent reason. Speed tests when this is happening show a connection at download speeds of over 9000 kbps, but actual performance is worse than a dial-up modem.

I'm on Virgin cable broadband, Windows 7, mostly Firefox (but it happened with IE as well). Have run CCleaner, Avast scan, Adaware, Spybot. Avast found some stuff to remove. Still happening after that. Tried a system restore, but this failed, with a message saying antivirus might be blocking something. Disabled Avast and Zonealarm, still couldn't do system restore.

Normal connection is via router, ethernet over power. Other computers in the house had the same problem. Tried disconnecting router and going straight from modem to my computer, but no difference. Tried IE instead of Firefox and this worked better today for a while (but didn't yesterday), and a while later Firefox started behaving normally again, fast loading.

When it happens, some pages like PCA take up to 2 minutes and some just won't load at all. While this is happening, Task Manager shows CPU usage of 1-3%, and memory usage of under 2gb. So I have a continuing fast connection, little load on the computer, but appallingly slow performance for reasons I just can't fathom - then it goes back to normal for a while.

I've also had the things noted in other threads about Firefox having to be closed via Task Manager, and script problems, but the problem isn't confined to Firefox. This has only started happening in the last few days, and there's been no new hardware or software in that time, apart from any routine updates of Windows, Avast and other programs (apart from installing Safari last night to see if that was any different - it wasn't).

Any ideas gratefully received.

  lotvic 13:00 27 Jan 2011

I would try flushing the dns if pages are slow loading
ipconfig /flushdns at the command prompt click here

  Peter-298738 16:46 27 Jan 2011

lotvic, thanks for that. The link you posted mentions the dns cache being flushed automatically after 24 hours, so maybe that's why my system seems to be working normally again without me doing anything. Will try what you suggest if it happens again.

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