Very Slow Internet Access with FREESERVE

  darkjedimistress 10:13 07 Feb 2003

Hi there. A friend of mine runs a normal modem dial up with a 200pentium and was fine with his internet connection until about a week ago. I have noticed that it is tremendously slow when connected to Freeserve (he pays x amount a month for unlimited access) so at first I thought it was something wrong with the pc but when I dialled up with my own Blueyonder dial up password and was back to normal speeds.

Question is. Is anyone else experiencing frustratingly slow access via freeserve? Thank goodness I have hi-speed internet on my own pc I could never go back to dial up!

Just to note, we contacted Freeserve on their 50p a minute line only to be told there were no reported problems.

  rawprawn 10:20 07 Feb 2003

I'm on Freeserve Anytime with no real problems, much depends on the site that you are accessing.

  watchful 10:26 07 Feb 2003

Mine has been a bit slower than usual just in the last few days but speed doesn't really bother me.

  darkjedimistress 10:30 07 Feb 2003

It's totally at a crawl on every site we use. All we usually see is the blue task bar (below) moving at a very slow pace. For example the YAHOO webpage can take 2minutes just to load!!!

I am so sure something is wrong with how Freeserve is setup on the pc because Blueyonder access is fine. This is what stumps me.

Last week my friend on calling Freeserve was messing around with his NETWORK settings in the CONTROL PANEL and they got him to change a few items there. It is funny that this problem happened after he messed with this. He's not an experienced user so I was worried he had deleted an important setup feature? For some reason he has 4 items in his NETWORK setting and they are MICROSOFT FAMILYLOGON, TCP/IP Protocal, MS Networks or something like this and another setting, can't bring it straight to mind. Personally I didn't think he needed all of these.

  darkjedimistress 10:33 07 Feb 2003

P233 128ram, 8gb hdd, 16mb graphics 56k modem etc etc Win98.

I am thinking of reinstalling windows 98 for him and maybe a good clean up of the system will get things moving again.

  Belatucadrus 10:45 07 Feb 2003

I've been having the same problem, some sites are OK, others either very slow or completely unatainable. But it seems to be intermittant, some times my connection speeds are as normal.

  darkjedimistress 10:53 07 Feb 2003

My friend is worried because he uses it for work and it's important he can access the web regularly. His prime concern is the fact he needs to keep his freeserve email address whatever we do so I have suggested transferring to PAY AS YOU GO with freeserve and subscribing to UNLIMITED usage with a company like Telewest who have a better track record on net access and we can use that connection to retrieve his emails no problem as I have already tried it in Outlook and it works fine and it much quicker sending and receiving mail also!

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